Sometimes Guidance is Needed: 12/10/2016

Last month I practiced some retail therapy.  I bought the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.  I’m really enjoying the deck as well as the meditations. It’s a bit different from her other Isis Oracle Deck, though I like them both. She has a couple other decks that I would love to adopt, but I’ll wait on that.

Beginning with Sunday last week, I started drawing a card a day.  Seeing what came up.

20161210_231836.jpgSunday’s Card was Bring It Into Focus which is about bringing  your dreams and possibilities into reality.   Which there have been a lot of thoughts, brainstorming, and ideas going about.  Especially dealing with my Healing practice, and what direction I want to head with it.  Also dealing with my home, and what direction I want to head with that.  Sunday I got off my ass, and re-did the curtains in the front room, so that they are on 2 rods, and the thermals are close to the window.  I’m very proud of my work there.  It allows me to have my sheer curtains to remain closed, and just open the thermals, thus I still have light coming into my home.  And it’s warm.  Though I’m contemplating putting the plastic weather film on it for the winter.  Next week is supposed to have single negative digits.  BRRR!

20161206_002048.jpg Monday’s Card was Focus on the Light which speaks about the light that is attracted to your intent to act out of love towards your life purpose  It talks about the importance of staying true to form and intent to allow that dream or goal to come in to fruition.   It also talks about being focused, and to try not to be too distracted by other paths. Stay true to yourself.   Monday was a day I had the apartment to myself, which I love.

I got to cuddle with the cats, and enjoy the light of the day.  Take joy in the the Light, and contemplate my plans.  I know that I am a healer, and I’m trying not to be too distracted, but I get the feeling, that it’s time to MOVE.  That it’s time for decisions to be MADE.  That it is time to MAKE a choice or choices, and RUN with them.

20161206_115450.jpgTuesday is the First day of my Work week. Tuesday’s Card draw was Visions of Life Beyond Death which speaks of an awakening with in me.  Of being blessed with the ability to see what is real rather than what appears to be.  She also speaks of my expanding truth, my ability to inspire and see that light in all things is unfolding.  That I should nourish this in my heart with loving acceptance because I am going to help others through my vision, my art, and how I choose to see the World.

Looking at this card, I think Shaman.  At one with the Divine.  At one with the World around me.  At one with myself.   When I read through her messages, I find myself remembering past hurts or embarrassments.   That it is time to let go.  I find it important to note that when I was drawing this card, I was thinking of the Crone Goddess.

20161207_091452.jpg Wednesday is an odd day sometimes.  Wednesday’s card was Release the Dark Wound and Let Love Live.  For me this card speaks of just what it says.  Remembering all the things that have occurred in my life…

Wednesday night, before I went to bed, I did a meditation.  The meditation of release.   While I did the meditation that is listed for this card, I also thought and Said I am Reiki.  I am Love.  I am Compassion.  I am Safety.  I am Protection.  I am Divine.  I am Holy.  And several other affirmations mixed in with the healing affirmation.  I said the healing affirmation more times than the instruction, but I felt release.  I remember waking up on Thursday and feeling well rested and refreshed.

20161208_084605.jpg Thursday was a really odd day, but productive and enjoyable.  Both My roommate and I got off early, went out for some lunch, and came home.   We had a fun day.  Thursday’s card was Receiving.  This card echos a lot of what other teachers and healers have stated over the years, that we do not receive well.  We are taught that we must care for others before we care for ourselves, and are even shamed or made to feel guilt for thinking that we need to care for ourselves before we care for others.   But if we do not care for ourselves, can we provide the ideal care that others would need?

This week I made contact with a fellow massage therapist to do trade.  So Next week I’m going to get a massage.  Self care is important.

20161210_231853.jpgFriday. OMG!  Friday was my first day off, and my first Friday off since I was in Virginia over the holiday in November.  I enjoyed it.  It’s also the day of accomplishments, and moving forward. Leo King 12/09/2016 reading pretty much put things into perspective.  If you are interested he (Leo King) did another separate in-depth reading which you can find on YouTube.  Earlier in the Week, I highlighted some changes that were going to be occurring in my business.  Friday I finalized things.  But there are other things in my practice that are coming into my thought and action process.

It’s been a bit slow lately.  Which is a little odd for me, especially given the time of year.  Whereas last year we were pretty busy, but the place where I am working has gone through a great deal of changes, and lost several members as a result of those changes.  I get the feeling that some of what is going on, is meant to be some introspection, some considerations as changes and avenues are thought of.  Sometimes we get to a point where it’s like OMG!  What now?  But having Faith in the Process is key to following through the choices that have been made.

20161210_083956.jpg Today.  Today is an awesome day.  Little helpers everywhere.  Today’s card was Trust Yourself.  Trust yourself is about Trusting Yourself, having Faith in the Process, that things are working out as they should, that you are working out as you should.  That you are growing, flowing, letting go, and bursting forth into the Light of Day.  Things are progressing as they should.  Have Faith and Trust in Yourself.

I had a client tell me this today.  That things will fall where they should and the Universe has my back.  It’s kinda funny, because that’s what I told her last week.

So this was my week in cards.  What encouragement and healing will occur next week?  Hopefully some of what came up this week, helps you be who and what you are.

In Love and Reiki,


Journeying Through Life: 12/10/2016

Yesterday I gave my sister a massage, and there was this random person being rude at the front door of my apartment building, and my neighbor yelled at him…

Today same neighbor had a package at the door, which I brought in for them, and left it at their door.

I was at Target doing some shopping, and helped a woman reach some Paper Towels.

Came home after a long day w/ some snow traffic to do some laundry.  One of my kind neighbors switched my last load into the drier and paid for it.

Random acts of kindness everywhere.


The Aftermath: 11/10/2016

My Post on Facebook on 11/09/2016 at 00:26 am:

To Everyone:

To everyone who voted, thank you.
To everyone who didn’t vote, thank you.
Either way, your decision counted, maybe not in the way you thought it would.
To everyone out there happy or not, get involved.
If you want change, change YOUR world and the rest will follow.
The election isn’t the end of your participation in government, it’s the beginning. Whether your candidate won or not, get involved. From local to county to state to federal, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.
If this place isn’t for you, then again get involved, your world won’t change, unless you participate in your change.

I hear people want a change in government every year. I see people promoting term limits on Representatives in government.  I see them rant and rave on Facebook, or I hear them rant and rave in conversation.  I read about it online.  I hear about it from friends.  But what happens at election time?  People vote for the same system, or they refuse to participate at all.

If you want change, participate in change.  If you want to change the World, you have to change YOUR world.  If you don’t participate in change, then the change that happens, may not be what you are looking for.  Whether you are ready for it or not, change is happening.  The seasons change, people change, the environment changes, the World Changes, nothing stays the same.

What would happen if everyone looked at each other in Friendship?  In acceptance?  In Love?  In compassion?   What would happen if we did this without reservation of who we are, or who you are, or our views or differences?  What would happen?  Would we be in the same place we are now, if this was what we did?  If we acknowledged our fears, and talked about them, and found that middle ground?  Would we still be here now, looking at who we now have as President?   If we welcomed the changes that are occurring, instead of feared them?  Would we still be where we are at now?

What would indeed happen?

I Went For A Walk: 09/24/2016

I thought about riding my bike this morning, but instead I took out my walking sandals, got my phone, set it to an audio book, picked up my walking cane, and took my back pack with water in it.    I took a walk to work.  I was off. I scheduled this time off last month with the intention of going to the Renaissance Festival.  I could have slept in, and I did.  This is a ME weekend.

What does that mean?  It means that for whatever reason, this weekend has turned into some time that I can take for myself, and take care of me.  Take care of my home, and enjoy the presence of Self.  Of music.  Of my little furry company.  I have no massages scheduled all weekend.  I have no work all weekend.

So I took a walk, and listened to some Wayne Dyer on the way.  I watched the squirrels running around with their little bushy tails in the air, carrying nuts up trees.  I watched a chipmunk head for the hedge.  I saw a Dog watching me from a window. I watched a cat, sitting in a window, watching all the birds flying around, and the critters in the trees. To take care of me, converse, and continue my walk.

On the way home, I took different route.  I different landscape to observe and smell.  Walking by the older houses surrounded by trees and unique landscape, and I scented the Earth.  That wet earthy smell of plants and earth, that comes around in the early day, after some good rains.   Then I was looking down, and seeing all the fallen leaves.  I thought of a friend of mine, and her beautiful art.

Delayne is such a beautiful soul. She’s been doing faces. Giving faces for those little souls in nature. She’s a beautiful Soul that heals with her art.

I thought about the changes that have been occurring in my life. How looking at things differently has changed my outlook on things. How changing how I think, has changed the way my brain works. How changing the way I act, has changed the environment around me. How I don’t need to shout my truth, to know my truth. I don’t need to share my truth, to know my soul. I know my soul. I have a feeling of where I’m going, and that is mine.

I can think of all the excuses that this weekend is mine, but in the end it is still a weekend that was carved out even without me knowing truly what it was for, till it was here.

Cleaning and Purging: 09/20/2016

I’m listening to Leo King, and he’s being don’t do anything major, which is kinda what I’m feeling.  Yet there is this part of me that wants to move, change, rearrange things.  I don’t really like standing still sometimes.  However with the things going on right now, I should step back, relax, and pay attention to me.   Which is what I’m feeling kinda about this week.  This week is about paying attention to me, and doing some me work.

I try to get the trash and recyclables out before trash day. Last night, the “plan” was to do just that, but I got to cleaning, which turned into putting things away, which turned into purging and cleaning out the fridge…ick.  I went through some of my clothes, “asked” if I should keep or throw, a lot went.  We tend to keep clothes with the mentality that we’ll fit in them again, instead of letting them go and some one else enjoy them.

There are several reasons that lead me to clean.  One: I don’t like standing clutter in the living area of my home.  Two: things need to change periodically, and I tend to do that with seasons.  I’m already looking at the living room, and thinking how to do it for this autumn/winter.  Three: it’s when the occasion says NOW!  Like last night, I was kinda on the roll, and … then I was done.

Now that I’ve got my distraction out of the way, I’m looking at my work schedule this week, and it’s looking like a me week.  I week where I pay attention to the home and myself.  Relax, smell the air, torment my cat :), have a cup of tea, read, listen to music, etc.  Take care of me.


Changing Energy: 09/13/2016

Am I who I was when I graduated High School?  Am I who I was when I went to college the first time?  Am I who I was when I worked for SunTrust Mortgage?  Am I who I was when 09/11/2001 happened?

No. No.  and No.

But why?  Why am I different?  Because as I grow, I learn.  As I grow and learn, I change.  I can’t be the same person that I was then, that I am now.  I will change everyday.  I will be a different person in a day, a month, a season, or a year from now.  There will be nothing in my body that is exactly as it was when it was yesterday, last month, last season, or even in the last minute.  Everything changes.

So why do we fight to maintain the status quo or control of the situation, when even the situation changes as we strive to hold it still?  It’s energy, and you can’t truly control energy, you can harness it, but control can be a very dangerous illusion.

People work in jobs they hate, that make them sick, that they tolerate, because it brings in the money.   People vote for candidates that they hate or dislike, because it maintains the status quo, and they truly believe they have no other choice.  People do the same things day in and day out, never changing the routine, because it’s comfortable, and sometimes they don’t know any better.

If our thoughts, bodies, surroundings, words, actions, even the Universe are all energy, and we wish to maintain the status quo, we will.  Yet our hopes, our dreams, our wishes, our destinies will still pop up, they will still show us what is possible outside of our comfort zone.  If the Universe, The Divine, The God, The Goddess, or The Spirit wants us to succeed, then it will still show us what is possible just outside of the status quo.  All it takes is a step, a choice, a decision to do better, be better, and act with love.

During the day we see blue sky, we see the sun as it travels the sky, and the day changes as it progresses forward.  As the wheel turns, it changes.  Yesterday’s sunrise was different than today’s.  Today’s sunset will be different from yesterday’s.  As the sun sets, the stars come out, and we glimpse the Universe outside of the Earth.

The sky itself is not the Limit, it’s a challenge.

I am Love: 08/30/2016

I am Love.  I am Happiness.  I am Joy.  I am Prosperous.  I am Abundant.  I am Successful.  I am Reiki.  I am WORTH IT.  I am Moving Forward.  I am Goddess.  I am God.  I am Healer.  I am Sage.  I am Shaman.  I am Safe.  I am Protected.  I am Cherished.  I believe in Myself. I am Divine. I am Holy.  I am Healing.

I am the Creator of my Reality.  Whatever I focus on I create.

These are for those that need to Hear it aloud.  These are for those that need to Hear it in their own Voice.  These are for those that need to hear it through their own Minds.  These are for those that give the random gift of compliments.

You are Loved.  You are SO WORTH IT.  You are Happiness.  You are Joy.  You are Love.  You are Cherished.  You are Holy.  You are Divine.  You are God.  You are Goddess.  You are Healing. You are Safe.  You are Protected.  You are Beautiful.  You are Handsome.  You are appreciated.  You are Welcome.  I am Grateful for you in my life.  You are my kind of Weird.  You have an Awesome Smile.  I am Grateful for you.  You are unique.  Thank You.

Wonderful things are Happening.

YOU are the creator of Your Reality.  Whatever YOU focus on You create.

In Love, Namaste.

PS. Pay it Forward.  Give of yourself, that which you want the most to experience.