Goals and Life

Taken April 29, 2010
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
3 Mile Drive Crab Apple Trees

Doing a goal board or building a family tree is like watching at tree grow. We make a new year resolution, but I don’t think most people realize how connected those individual goals maybe, and who will influence them.

In nature a hard winter can reflect in the buds of new growth, the years previous rain through the April Showers can bring about a bountiful year.

Building a family tree is not just You, Your Parents and Their Parents, it’s You, Siblings their family, Parents, their Siblings, and so on. A tree is shaped by famine, it shaped by wars, it shaped by the nature of life.

Goal boards can start from one idea, seed, bud, but from that one goal “I want to improve my life” can branch to “I am improving my live, I am improving my health, I am surrounding my self with support, I am doing a job I love, I am doing hobbies that bring me joy, I am working towards dreams of travel, I own my own car”.

Your goals are yours, but they can impact your environment, your friends, and family. You can share your goals, or you keep them to yourself.

Just like a tree in the woods and yard impact the World around them.


What sits in the Darkness?

Taken: 12/03/2011 in Chaska, MN

We love to store things in the Dark Places of our home and storage areas. We store things in the Attic, in the Basement, in the Closet, the Garage, the back shed. It’s all out sight, out of mind.

It’s the same with our thoughts, we like to store them in a box, the things we don’t like thinking about. But with all thoughts and possessions they are going to come to light either when you are ready or not ready for them.

It’s part of life.

Looking at this photograph, what do you see? You see the snow, you see the tree outside of my upstairs window, but in the darkness what do you see? Do you see the shadow, the faint flash back of the tree in the distance?

Just because those thoughts or items are all packed up, hidden in the darkness of both our minds and homes, doesn’t actually mean that they are “hidden”.

This year, think about those places and see if it is time for those items and thoughts to be brought to light, reviewed, donated or purged. All those crafts you haven’t touched in years, those books that you never read, those cookbooks that don’t fit your diet anymore, items that are attached to those thoughts in your head. Is it time for them to heal, is it time to start fresh?

These are thoughts and questions only you can answer.


Change is in the wind. Change is here, whether in season or in action, it is here. How you go about that change is up to you. You can see it out in the world, feel it moving in the body. It’s there if you are willing to see.

So this morning I felt the need to share a part of my Daily morning tarot spread. You can take it in any direction you wish, you may find in it something that may assist you in your day or plans of implementing change.

My daily spreads in the morning consist of 5-9 cards, from three different decks. This is from the last end, and wrap up of the reading this morning. The last deck I draw from is called the Heart of Faerie Oracle, if you are interested in this deck you can find it here.

This is what I drew this morning:
Heart of Faerie 12212011.


The Lord of the Forest is Eternal Masculine, Action, and Strength. IF the Lord of the Forest appears, it is a sign that it is important to do something. you have been dreaming, now act on your dream. Actions speak, and to keep the masculine and the feminine, now is the time to act.

The Prince of Light is New Beginnings, Peacemaker, and Potential. If he appears in a reading, listen to what he has to tell you. If you recognize a friend or partner in the Prince of Light, cherish that person and honor the goodness he can bring to a relationship.

The Blessing is blessings of the Day, journey, and beginnings. A journey takes you from one state of being to another, and it is important to begin that journey, whatever it is, with a blessing.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to share it this morning. But I needed to share.

Disclaimer: Artwork on Oracle Cards is by Brian Froud, the Oracle Deck is by both Brian and Wendy Froud, they and their affiliates own the rights to this artwork and summaries. No infringement on those rights is intended.


Taken: October 6th, 2011 at the Minnesota Arboretum in the Rose Garden


We wear them all the time. We have different ones, we have ones we were taught to hold, we have ones we developed, we have ones we show strangers, ones we show friends, ones we show to family. It’s difficult sometimes to know which one you carry and any one time. There are different reasons for each one.

Children who are bullied usually learn how to hide that hurt behind the mask. This mask is shown to the people that hurt them. There is a different mask that is shown to their parents and family, and yet another one that is shown to friends.

The same goes for Adults. It could be as easy as showing a smile when you hurt.

However it takes a special love to see behind that mask. It takes a special love and courage to drop that mask and wall to let that love in.

Every one is beautiful in their own unique way.

Autumn Equinox: Honey Perfume Rose

Taken: 09/23/2011 on the Autumn Equinox at the Minnesota Arboretum

I enjoy doing photography on days of significance. Like the Equinoxes, Solstices, National Days of Remembrance. It’s and excellent time and activity to center one’s self, in Mother Nature’s Playgrounds.

This photograph was taken in the morning, in some of the pictures I took on the same day there is still dew and water drops on the flowers.

All There is, is Love

Taken on 10/10/2011 at the Minnesota Arboretum in the Rose Garden

Yesterday was an odd day, and I’m not sure what to say.

It’s hard for me to bump into people who are not open to new healing or old healing. Those that discount what is being given to them out of love. Not an effort to convert them, or circumvent their beliefs, but out of love.

Nature Loves us, even when we are horrid and uncaring, she gives us flowers and sunsets. Even when we are fighting and ignorant she gives us new days and new ways.

Mother God and Father God whether your belief in them or just one of them or more of them Love you. They love you regardless of your beliefs, your prejudices, your choices, your “sins”, your hate, your outcomes. They love you for YOU, not for what you look like and what you do for them, but for You.

I think with all the dogma in religion we forget that one thing.

All there is, is love.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking Glass:

Taken: On a Christmas Season, Project created: Late November 2011.

The act of being creative doesn’t have to do with arts or crafts.

When some one fixes a car, does a massage, creates a meal, raises a child, draws, goes about their day, or does the “mundane” things they can do it the “mundane” way, they same way day in day out. OR they can go about it creatively.

Asking questions, feeling their way, What would it do if I did this, what does the muscle do, how does the client react, what does this taste like, what will this taste like, what will this look like, and how can I do it?

This photograph, is something I took of the Family Christmas tree, the first year, it was just me and my camera. The second year, b/c I can’t hold the camera ABSOLUTELY still, it was me my camera and a tripod. This year will be the same, except, I will be bringing my Canon, and seeing what I can do.

This item is also for sale and you can find it Through the Looking Glass.