Fear and Change


Taken: May 26th, 2008 at the Minnesota Arboretum on the Lilac Walk

When we look at a map and we see the distance between to points, we don’t really think of the time it takes between those two points. After all, on map they can be as close as an inch, but when you start thinking about it, looking and planning. You realize that those two points are not as close as they appear. Instead of hopping into the car and being there in 20 minutes, it’s going to take more like 2 Days to get there.

Change rarely comes easy, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s a struggle. We can think of change. “I want to be here.” “I want to be this weight.” “I want to look like this” “I want…” “I need …”

For major change though, it is rarely instant. Like the Earth turning, a plant growing, or planning a trip to travel. Journeys are often a bit longer then we may perceive in our minds. The path may look all sunny and peaceful when we first look, but as we journey we find that there are nooks, crooks, turns, valleys, mountains, and hills. The path may be beautiful and peaceful one moment, and another it could be filled with doubts and fear.

Those “bumps” or “odd” turns in the path are meant to be little lessons. Something to learn. Even though we are on the journey to heal something or to another place, sometimes there are lessons to learn on the way, things to let go of.

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting what happened. Letting go could be as easy as acknowledging the feeling or hurt, and releasing the emotion and self hatred self hurt attached to it. So you can move forward. It could be as easy as it may sound or as hard as the work may turn out to be. But all true change is never really boring.



Taken: 06/14/2009 Late Spring at the Minnesota Arboretum

I know we have heard it, and some of you or most of you, you never know may have read it.

So today I’m going to share a story link to the Article by Dan Pearce called “I’m Christian, unless you’re Gay”.  Maybe it will touch your heart, maybe you will share it with some one you love or care for, maybe it may touch some one that needs to hear it.

But it’s something that needs to be heard as many times as it takes for people to understand.

I’m Christian, unless you’re Gay

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So pass the original article on, and see what else happens this new year. How many more lives may be touched, by simply showing some one that they are indeed valued and loved.

I’m Christian, unless you’re Gay

Heart of Faerie Oracle: The Thief

18 The Thief
Excerpt from my Daily Spread 01/05/2012
Heart of Faerie Oracle Deck by Brain and Wendy Froud
18 The Thief

Do you have anything that you have been putting off? Thinking that you’ll have the time for it later. Take this card to heart today, you may not have later for that issue or issues. Live today, like it’s the only day you have, tomorrow is never a guarantee.

The Thief’s Card Summary: Excuses. Inaction. Lessons to Learn; A thief of time, a thief of energy; this being steals the things that you thought were under your control. How often have you put off doing something because you say to yourself, “It can wait. I’ve got plenty of time to do that.” you know you need to address certain problems – fix certain aspects of a relationship but you just never get around to doing ti. You don’t have the energy to face a confrontation or even to make the effort of being with some one who needs your support. When you finally decide to do something about it, it’s too late; the moment has passed, sometimes for good. If you are lucky enough to catch the Thief in a good mood, take back your time and energy from him and if he gives it back to you use it wisely. He steals to teach – it is up to you to learn.

Note: Heart of Faerie Oracle Artwork and text are owned by Wendy and Brian Froud and their affiliates, no infringement on those rights in intended.

Hiding Things

We all have those moments. Where we want to postpone, or just plain deceive ourselves if it’s out of site, it’s out of mind, and therefore not a problem.

But the more we hide from it or hide it from tends not to make the problem go away, but make it bigger. Whether the issue is money, an rift in a friendship or family, etc. It will still be there when we see it again. It may have festered, bubbled up in the paint, but it’ll still be there.

Why not deal with it now, no matter how frightening, and do the lesson now, instead of down the road? Either way it may be difficult, but we will feel a bit lighter having dealt with it, right?

39 The Fixer
Excerpt for Daily Tarot Spread 01/03/2012
The Fixer from the Heart of Faerie Oracle Deck

The Fixer: Whitewashing, Self Deception, Best Intentions; Bueboe the Fixer has been fixing things since the time of great plagues in Europe. In Venice he white-washed over everything in sight, hoping to keep the plague at bay – walls floors, tables, chairs, windows – everything. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but he never stopped doing his job. He is just as busy today, constantly whitewashing things that he thinks would be best would be best left unseen. He believes that mistakes should be covered up, broken things swept under the carpet or hastily thrown away, lies told to smooth over rifts in relationships. He just wants to make everything right again. When Bueboe appears, think about how you handle situations that need attention, and try doing more than just covering them up. Facing things can be scary but sometimes a like co paint just won’t do.

Rights to this image, the deck, and the summary for the card are owned by Brian and Wendy Froud and their affiliates, no infringement is intended.

Happy New Year

Taken Feb 20, 2011 in Chaska, MN

I find it apt that as the old year closes, and the new year rolls in, there is front of snow that has blessed us here in Minnesota. Like the changing in seasons.

May the Mother God, Father God, and Jesus Christ, bless you, Nurture and Cherish you, Guild and Shelter you.

In Their Name, Love and Power, I wish Good Luck, Good Fortune, Good Health. I wish you Safe Journeys and Safe Travels.

I wish you, your family and friends Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Family, Friendship and Home.

Go in Peace and Love.

Amen and Namaste.