Today I participated in watching a webinar training video about pediatric massage. One of the things that popped in to my mind while watching it was the loss of touch.

If we be a tactile species, and we are seeing plenty of studies come out on not only the benefits, but the necessities of touch, what does it say that we don’t touch our kids or each other anymore?

We don’t touch each other anymore. We don’t interact anymore. By interacting, I mean casual touch, a touch between friends and family. Talking to each other not on a cell, telephone, or computer. Looking each other in the eyes and talking. Going out with friends and turning the phone off.

There isn’t anything going on today, that was really not going on 20 yrs ago when cells were not around, that is more important than the person or people you are currently with.

Talking to the kids in the car. Interaction means communication, not plugging in the DVD to keep them calm, or remove them from the drive. Granted I do realize the annoyance of “are we there yet” to the infinity, or “mom/dad she/he poked me” “mom/dad she/he won’t leave me alone” “mom/dad are we there yet” I get that…but there was a time where there was interaction between not only siblings but parents in the car.

The lack of interaction, whether touch or sound, makes me worry that we are losing something that is so basic and needed, that it’s scary.


Past and Change

Julia A Collins
Photograph Taken: Summer 2004

I’ve had two clients these past few days, that have brought up change and the past, and in the context of change.

The first one brought it up in the way of searching for one’s roots, and how people don’t wish to acknowledge that certain things may have happened in the past.  Or people refuse to change, some are still fighting the past.

Change is never easy, the lessons learned in history can lead to change, but only if the person or people learning the lessons wish to change.

The more you fight change, the more it presents itself, either until the day you die, until you learn that lesson, and then it begins again.

Life is change. Life is challenge. Life is evolution. Without any of the previous we cannot grow or evolve.  We are stagnant.  We are lazy.  While it is well to learn from the past, don’t forget that you must be part of the change to be part of history or the future…

Be the change you want to see in the World.


Photograph Taken: 08/11/2011 in St. Cloud, MN

Last night at work, I had a client that was recently injured, and what he said still stays with me. It echoes with so many people.

That they are not bueatiful, or they deformed in some way.

One time it was a mother, that was getting laser treatment for her face, and her children had told her not to be around till she was healed. I believe that she may have said it in jest, but it was a sad thing to hear.

He had said that if he keeps things as is, he is going to be deformed, un-perfect.

How does one respond to that?

All of us are beautiful in our own ways, even when we hide it behind hour clothes or weight, we are are all beautiful. Regardless of injuries, or added bumps and lumps. We are beautiful.



Photograph Taken: 02/29/2012 at the Conservatory
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

As a healer it is important to not only have boundaries, but to stand by those boundaries.

Another important thing is one’s intuition.

That feeling that says “REDLIGHTREDLIGHTREDLIGHT”. It starts as a caution, this little feeling, and then the brakes go on.

Sometimes intuition isn’t even a voice, it’s something that just is.

Sometimes it’s trying to pay attention to it, and balance it with what the brain is trying to do.

Sometimes it just is.