Just Be

Happy Easter Everybody!

I hope you all had a fine time with the family, and the kids are playing off that hyped up energy from all that sugar you freely gave them in spirit of the Easter Holiday. I loved it as a kid.

I went down to brunch at the Parents, where I was joined, also by other members of the family. We had some fine food, I don’t think we over ate. I had some seconds of a couple, a third helping of the Warm Fruit Salad Recipe. It was good. Time went well, and we all talked.

I came home, and I was tired, still am, but instead of curling up in bed and going *sighs*, I got my camera out, and the dog, and went for a walk. There was this pace on the Lake that over looks the lake and a little of the area, that is green and soft right now.

Photograph Taken: 04/08/2012 in Chaska, MN

Since it was to be a walk for Bentley (dog) as well as a release, we went for a walk around the lake first, met some families along the way, some other dogs in passing, saw two sets of Canadian Geese, a set of something else, a Huron, a crow (that visited with us), and some ducks flying by. Before we got to the spot that we just sat.

Bentley though used that time to roll around, and bark a bit, he calmed a bit with attention. But it was exactly what was needed. To sit and not think, to just be. The journey there was good, and the time there was awesome.

Sometimes that’s all one can do, find that green soft place and be.


New Follow Up to … “I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay”

Taken: 06/14/2009 Late Spring at the Minnesota Arboretum

I know we have heard it, and some of you or most of you, you never know may have read it.

I’ve posted this entry once already, but a new follow – up to the original article was posted today, I thought I would find the original post In Jan, and post it again.

The author says that he has been trying to put the original article to rest…

…I don’t believe that it’s an article that deserves to be "put to rest", I believe it needs to shared again, and again, and again.

But it’s something that needs to be heard as many times as it takes for people to understand.

I’m Christian, unless you’re Gay

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So pass the original article on, and see what else happens this new year. How many more lives may be touched, by simply showing some one that they are indeed valued and loved.

I’m Christian, unless you’re Gay