Good Omens on Summer Solstice

I’ll give you a rose this day.

My sign on Solstice was a double Rainbow, and an Awesome sunset.  I didn’t get good photographs of it, because I just had my phone, and it isn’t really fancy, just what I need.

But it was an Awesome sign on my Journey.

I don’t really have many photographs of this year, so I’ll give one from last year on Solstice.

Photograph Taken: 06/22/2011
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Rose: Sheila’s Perfume
Summer Solstice

 Happy Summer Solstice (belated)!  Hope your dreams are colorful and your future is moving.


Remembering Childhood Dreams

It's been a while
Photograph taken by The Family Dog 08/02/2009 on Flickr

Things we dream of as children. What we want to be, where we want to go, who we want to be, what we want to do, where, who, what, how…Get lost in the lives we grow into. Forgotten in the mists of time.

We can sit in our daily lives, and lament on the memories of what we may have wanted, or we can act. We can give ourselves the permission that we need to to remember what we wished for as children. We can give ourselves the permission to not only remember, but put the plans in motion to establish those dreams.

It’s not an easy journey, and it can be scary as hell. Change always is. You can live in the safety net you’ve created, looking out over the skyline and missing what once was, or you can act.

I remember some of my wishes. I remember my love of horses, of wanting to have one as a part of me. I remember that I wanted to be a healer like Leetah in Elfquest. A healer through the use of my hands. I remember that I wanted to travel, to travel the World and see it. To be free.

I remember these things.

Today I am a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. I heal with my hands. What else can I accomplish if a dare dream and act?