Ch – Ch – Changes

Taken: 10/18/2008 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

So what’s happened since I last updated this puppy?

Well, I resigned from my position as a massage therapist at Massage Retreat & Spa, and started two new positions. One is at 7 Hi Chiropractic and the other is at Balanced Bee Bodywork otherwise referred to as BB and B. Try saying Balanced Bee Bodywork several times in quick succession. Tongue tied comes to mind.

But it’s good, it’s an opportunity, that I’ve been looking for, and I wasn’t sure if I was prepared for it, when I first graduated. I wanted the experience of staying in one spot for a duration of time. The purpose of that was to prove that I’m not a hopper, and that I can stay the distance if need be.  What some of you may not understand from that statement is that it takes a massage therapist about 1-2 years to grow their base.  If one hops around positions, you are never in a spot long enough to build that client base.

The change in location means building up new client pool, but it also means that if I need to or want to, I can ride my bike or walk down to either location. With the amount of paths in the area it’s feasible for both.

Which is the goal.  To be more physically active, and move.  Granted the position at BBB is in Shakopee, and it’s down hill, which means the ride home is going to be a serious cardio workout. Shakopee is in the Valley, and I live on top of the valley.  But Minnesota, especially around the metro and suburb area has a large amount of trails, LRTs, and paths that one can walk/ride on to get where they want to go.  One can use the trails to get to Shakopee, without having to interact with vehicle traffic once (it’s an 8 mile trip though).

If one wants to go to 7 Hi Chiro from where I live, there are going to be some interactions with traffic, but hey, what’s life without a little challenge?

Some people may not be too comfortable with the changes.  But it’s something that I feel is necessary for me to advance in the profession I’ve chosen.  Plus the position at the chiropractic offers the chiropractic care I’ve been looking for for about 1-2 years.   Especially with the weight loss, and my lumbar area.  With the loss of weight in the middle has my back needing some adjustment.

I gave my two week notice, once I had the position at the chiropractic, and everything else fell into place.   It was a risk, and it was stressful, and there was a little doubt, but everything fell into place very well.

Are there going bumps?  More than likely, but life is about challenge and change.  Either you change with it, or change will come for you, and it can be rather shocking.

So what does that mean for here. Well there are some changes that I’m planning. They aren’t set in stone, but they are cooking. There are things I would like to be posting here. Either in connection with the development of my own business, articles that I come across or are posted in regards to alternative medicine or massage, random Tarot/Oracle card of the day. As I said…it’s cooking.

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Taken: 06/20/2008 on Minnehaha Parkway

We have our accomplishments.  The ones we are proud of.  It could be going to school.  It could be graduating. It could be certification.  It could be the birth of a child.  It could be the meeting of a goal.  It could any number of things.

I am proud that I am an Army Brat.  I am a proud of the accomplishments that I have in life.  I am proud that I passed the NCBTMB.  I am proud of my GPA (3.62).  I am proud of my Reiki Certification. I am proud of my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy.

These accomplishments are not all of what makes me, ME.  But they are accomplishments that I am proud of, that help me be versatile in my profession.  I wanted to prove I could do it, and I did.

Just like taking a ride on a bike to Hopkins and back in 90 degree heat, it was to prove I could do it.  Losing weight, shrinking is proving I can do it.

Being a healer is who I am.  It was what I am.  It has taken a long way to get to this point.  It has taken two attempts at college.  It as taken hitting financial rock bottom.  It has taken student loans, It has taken time, money, tears, fights, arguments, to get to this point.

It is an accomplishment.  I guess I wasn’t prepared to have some one say that it wasn’t important.