Taken: 03/17/2012 in Waconia, MN


Focus is something you need regardless of career, job, education, life. If you focus on too many things you become scattered.

For example. I am a massage therapist. I am an Arbonne Representative, I am a Melaleuca Customer/Market Ex, AND I’m thinking about going back to school to learn about Nutrition. This leaves me a bit scattered. Mainly because I don’t know where to focus my time.

I know that to build my practice with any of the above, I must MARKET. We remember yesterday’s post, yes?

In a controlled networking event, or in an event or environment that I’m comfortable in, I’m clear and present, and fine. In an environment I’m unfamiliar in, less controlled, I feel a bit … hmmm… How do I make the first move? Or do I make the first move? Groups like BNI and the Rotary club networking groups have the focus one may need to, you know focus. But their an investment in most cases. There are also free networking events through, and other networking sites. You would just need to know where to look, and get your 30 sec “Elevator Speech” down.

If some one asks what you do for a living, you need to be able to answer the question, with out giving away too much or what is known as “puking” on them, and be able to introduce yourself.

To do any of the above, you have to motivate yourself to go, bring a friend. If it helps bring some one with you, then you have made the commitment, and you have some one to hold you to it. What you do once you get there is up to you.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do, is to help the military personnel and their families with my vocation. I also would love to travel, but both may or will require me to leave my little hamlet of my room.

Military is not as prevalent in THIS part of Minnesota.  The fact is, I don’t know where to start there.

Another market I seem to attract is Athletes, People who suffer from Migraines, People who suffer from lower back or back pain, people who sit at desks all day, etc.  So.  I would say my target market for massage outside of where I want to take it, would be the mentioned.

So the other focus would be which business do I want to build with my Massage practice, and when I should go to school.





To be honest.

It scares the shit out of me. What if they don’t like me?  What if they say no?  What if they unfriend me?  What if they never talk to me again?  What if, what if.

I or you could probably write a book on our fears, excuses, and what if’s, including our regrets.

I have no problem talking about massage, blogging, emailing, chatting via chat, I don’t know about the camera chat, haven’t had an opportunity to chat with THAT yet.   But talking on the phone or person to person, freaks me out a bit.

I have no problem blogging about a subject, though getting a response other than likes has been a challenge.  It’s not like I don’t like the likes …hmmm…it’s that it would be nice to hear … errr…read some responses to a post.

I can chat online to my hearts content, because:

1. you can’t see me nanana…oh

2. I’m in my safety net …weeee….

I can email, and the first two apply, PLUS, I can take my time or just ignore you for a while… but it’s counter productive, and you have a tendency to burn *boom* bridges that way.

But that’s what goes on in my head.

But I’m comfortable talking about my career, I love talking to people about massage.  I’m not so comfortable talking about subjects that I have no idea or very little know how about.  I’m not confident in it.  So I’m like some one on the shore line or getting into a bath testing the water…hmm … hot enough…hmmm… just right ….

Oh look there’s people over that way …. hmm… this way then…

I know what I have to do, but I’m comfortable, well.  Not comfortable in the sense I have everything I need in life.  Comfortable as warm, status quo, not rocking the boat.

But in order to grow, one needs to rock the boat, go for a swim, and maybe even get dropped in the deep end.

I’m working on it.

Change is in the works

Taken: 07/04/2009 McGregor, MN

So once I started building my website, it wasn’t so hard. Though with the hunt for a part time position to go with my practice, may change some of my availalbe times in the evening. The name Wandering Healer while has a connection to me in this blog, isn’t what I intend to call my business, which means that change is really in the winds.

For those that know me, they’ll understand where the name comes from.  But if they are curious they may ask, and I may say something.  May not.  But the name change occurs on the 10/31/2012, along with my rates.

I’m also doing some research in regards with continuing my education.  The Universe/Divine keeps pooking me in regards with that.  With my exposure to Herbalife, Arbonne, and Melaleuca, plus my Massage practice, it has me thinking that maybe I need to improve my knowledge on how the body works, and explore what else out there, in regards with alternative healing.

Communication Difficulties

Sometimes the Universe pokes you, and you ignore it.

So some where down the line, it pokes again.

and you ignore it.

Then it kinda shoves you completely off the path, and on to something you didn’t expect.  You weren’t paying attention.  Oops!

I’ve typed this and re-typed this.

You know the feeling that you’re not doing what you should be doing, but you do it anyway because it’s familiar to you?  But you know you need to change things, and you are planning on changing things but…it’s comfortable.

The the Universe/the Divine sends this curve ball from left field, which knocks you complete out of that frame, and into another.

THAT is what I’m going through.

Last month I was let go from the massage position at the chiropractor.  I’m not really sure why, but I suspect the reason was more on my side then theirs.   I wasn’t willing to do more than what I had already given.   The thing I found unique is, I didn’t feel panic.  I didn’t feel like the World was ending.  I felt that it was okay, it’s okay.

I thought I would be able to go at it with just the businesses, but that takes work and TIME.  Not to mention a little extra cash flow.

So I’m in the process of finding a PT postion to go with the massage, now that I have a little more control over the hours I devote to my goals, and what I don’t.   So the plan is a seasonal position, and if it’s something that both parties like, then I may continue past that.  But for right now, I’m just looking for seasonal and local.  Which makes things a little  more interesting.  If push comes to shove, I’ll go further.  But I think that’s going to take understanding the metro transit system a bit more intimately than I already do.  If that is the case, I’m not looking forward to that adventure…well maybe I am, and I don’t know it yet.


Taken: 09/08/2012 at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Sometimes when your building a business, you have the urge to go hide under a rock and do nothing for a time. Or maybe just take a jump in a lake, a muddy pond of water, etc. Something other than what you need to do.

I took A BizFit Seminar last month on how to market my business online and network. It was very educational, and it finally got me thinking about putting massage site up and running.

So today, that’s just what I did…unintentional mind you. I wasn’t ready to set it out there in one WORLD wide Web. I wasn’t quite done. But it’s done, and there is some work that still needs to be done.

If you are interested in having a peek, you can find the site here.

Now I want to finish it, but I know I need some rest, which requires a break, but I don’t wanna.

Looking through some old reviews from clinic, I wonder who this person is.  Is she me? Or a different person?  There are techniques that I don’t use as often, that maybe I should get back into using.