Not All Who Wander are


So I updated my website for massage.

I added another deck to my daily tarot spread.

I’ve changed a couple things in my website, and I’m contemplating a major change in regards with the direction I’m going to take my practice.

Should my transportation get repaired, I plan on using it to be mobile, and not as an excuse not to be mobile in my business.  I’ve had several people interested in having a massage, but some times I don’t listen when the universe POKES me.  I ignore it, and it POKES me more, eventually it comes back with a 2×4, and what can I do but get up and listen.

I get distracted, get lost in the  moment or the multiple choices I have in life, but Life leads me back to one path.  Healing. I take a detour down another path, and it comes back to the main path, Healing.  I take another path, and I come back to Healing.  See what I’m saying about a 2×4?

I have all these options on my plate, but a lesson I learn repeatedly…ONE item at time.  You can dabble in hobbies on the side, but I need to have ONE focus.  So one focus, Massage.  Healing.  So if I need to build my practice, I need to put myself out there.  It’s okay to be afraid.  Change isn’t pleasant, but it is necessary.

I know what I need to do, I just need to figure out when I’m going to put things in motion.



Faerie Oracle: The Faery Godmother

The Faery Godmother
The Faery Godmother
Art by Brian Froud
All Rights are owned by Brian Froud
No Copyright infringement is intended
– in other words not mine

In the words of the summary for this card from The Faeries’ Oracle: Gifts. Talents. Grace. helpful lessons; Sairie offers last-minute rescues. When she turns up in our readings, good things may well be happening that we don’t think we deserve – or that we do deserve but haven’t thought to ask for. Almost imperceptibly she teaches us about giving and receiving unconditionally, helping us to open our hearts to love and acceptance. She sometimes showers us with abundance. Keep an eye out for unexpected good fortune, especially when you thought you saw bad luck headed your way. Remember to say thank you by passing a kindness on to some one else. Practice a little faery godmothering yourself and see how enjoyable it is. Part of the fun of it is to do it so that the recipient doesn’t know where the gift came from.

This card is one of my FAVORITES. I don’t know how much I can say, or how much emphasis I can say it with, she is one of my favorite cards in all of tarot and oracle decks. I love her, I love when she visits.

Today, is the first day of a new year. It’s wonderful that she visited today isn’t it?

She visited with The Queen of Shadows from the Heart of Faerie deck. Both have made themselves known, and thinking about the day, and the lessons I learned.

The Queen of Shadows has been visiting often of late. But as the old year passes in the wheel of time, that would be understandable. She is about introspection, balance, and acknowledgement.


So both the Faery Godmother and the Queen of the Shadows.

My roommate and I went out into the frozen tundra that is Minnesota, when most would stay indoors (it was 4 degrees F this morning). We went out to help a friend of her’s with her Nutritional Club, which she had just acquired (Hopkins Fusion, in Hopkins, MN), and will be open tomorrow. We got there about 12. It went pretty well.   We did good, we helped some one who seriously needed it today, whether it was coloring tops, painting walls, or doing inventory on what they have or don’t.  We did pieces of a puzzle for an individual who needed it.

When both of us were active, doing something that we enjoyed and working, we were energized, but about 3pm I started lagging.  My energy levels dropped, and my mind wasn’t in it anymore.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, it just wasn’t there, and for me it was time to go.  While I enjoyed helping out,  I had passed the time I needed to go.   My roommate had remarked how tired she felt even though she had 5 servings of Herbalife Tea Concentrate and she enjoyed herself.   To which I responded, that we are both Introverts.  Then she understood.

Both of us are trying to learn more about our personality and how it operates, and how to put it to work for us.

The Faery Godmother for helping and being helped.  And the Queen of the Shadows for introspection.

Today’s Affirmation from Awakening by Shakti Gawain: Each Day, and each year, I am awakening to greater consciousness.