Life throws you Lemons

…and do you you flinch when they hit you, or do you grab them and make something unique out of them.  Some LEMONade, a sweet TART, something good.

Some paths may be chosen for us.  Some paths we choose for ourselves.  As one door closes, another opens.  Some paths are gnarled and hidden, others are easy going, and some may be lying in wait, a hidden treasure you may not see coming.  Some doors don’t open when we think they should, some open immediately, only to another wall, and some open with a path, or you may get an easy door.  A door that was there all along, you just weren’t looking.  One really never knows.  Companies fall, workers leave, nothing is certain.

How you deal with what comes your way, and how things turn out, may all be in your mind.

You can be angry about the boss that lays you off, or you can take it as a challenge, a sign that it was time to  move on, even if you didn’t think so.  You may have already been unhappy.  You may have been happy just were you were at.  But maybe God or the Divine has a different plan for you.

One may find the drive or the initiation to start a business, go to school, try something they thought of, but never thought that they would do it.  One never knows how things pan out.  Sometimes when we are not listening, but we look back and we realize we were listening, but we weren’t.  We saw the signs, and we continued by choice, or we ignored the message entirely.

What is life trying to teach us?  What are we being challenged to accomplish?  Where are we going?

We may have an idea of where we WANT to go, but what we want, may not be what we NEED.

There is something I would like.  But not full time, not primary, yet it’s something I keep getting pushed towards.  THIS, THIS is where you are needed, THIS.  I don’t want to be here, but I do.  It’s a place where I am happiest.  Truly HAPPY.  So why do I not want to be HERE?  It’s something I love to do.  I just don’t want it to be PRIMARY.  But every time I grab something OTHER to work with it.  Along comes that poke mentioned before.  Which was summarily ignored.   Which ended up being the 2×4, because apparently the soft nudging wasn’t working.  So I am HERE working my gift as PRIMARY.  Distancing myself from the OTHERS I nabbed along the way, because I need to FOCUS.

To HEAL and to CREATE.

Now to LET GO.