I don’t know what it is about Reiki and the symbols of Reiki, but I so enjoy drawing them.  From The power symbol to the Master symbol, I enjoy creating, and combining colors to create them.  I enjoy taking my little sheet out that shows me what they should look like, how I should be creating them, and then getting busy.  Whether I’m on the floor with a towel, or on the floor w/ my board with clips, or hiding in the closet w/ Pandora playing in the background, it’s fun to sit there and see what works.   It’s almost like being outside with my camera, going will this work?  How about this?

Last night was the Blue Moon.  Not in the traditional sense of the Blue Moon 2x in a month, but it was the second time that the Full Moon was in Aquarius.  I was born with both of my Sun and Moon in Aquarius.  It’s intriguing to see how this effects my life, or even says about what is going on.

But I enjoy drawing the symbols of Reiki, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done the Moon, but it is the first time I incorporated a symbol within it.  It also felt right sitting in my walk-in closet doing work.  I view my closet as my cave.  It’s away from my sleeping area, and thus perfect.  The only distraction I may have is the computer, if I let it be a distraction.

When I draw Choku Rei, I usually draw it with warm colors, power can be any number of things, but I view power as fire, root, warmth, power.  When I heal or put forth healing energy I do it out of love, it could be green from the heart, but I do Sei heki from the heart.  Emotion comes from the core and heart.  Emotion can come from the head, but I see emotion from the heart.  Sei heki is usually done with a little yellow, but a lot of greens.  Hon Sha Ze  Sho Nen being distance, sending it off, from the heart, but also from the crown or upper chakras.  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen I do with blues, with a little purple.   Last night I did these three in oil pastel on black craft paper.  I enjoy doing art on black, especially when mixing dark and light colors.  Black showcases so much better, at least in my opinion.  White and other colors work depending on the intent you are trying to do, but I enjoy working with black.  The last symbol I did was Dai Ko Myo.  Dai Ko Myo I did in chalk pastels, mainly because I didn’t have a variety of purples in oil pastels, but I had plenty in chalk.  I can get my fingers dirty when I play with chalk and colored pencils.  I’m thinking on some experiments with other media.  But we shall see.  Maybe one day, I’ll post what I’ve been creating.

This is just how I create, I use color.  Whether it be taking photographs or drawing, it’s hard to believe that as a child I had hardly a concept of what color went with which, but it’s fun to do just that.

This has led to more thoughts of clearing and purging.  Not that I need an excuse to do either, but I tend to do a lot either around the change of the seasons.  But creating in my little cave, leads me to think and feel that maybe I should move that aspect into my little cave.  It’s quiet, I’m not likely to be disturbed, unless my roommate happens to see the light on.  But I can turn the desk lamp on, and sit there and look at what I’m going to do.