Life is Life, Try not to be Afraid of It.

Photograph Taken: 09/02/2014
Island Lake, Rochert, MN

We all or most of us are watching the news. And if we are not watching the news, we can see it in the nice “Trending Now” section on Facebook or Twitter or on our Blog-o-sphere. In tags of what people are talking about, in what people are sharing or linking to.

So be careful, Life itself is out to get you. You just may want to stay indoors, it’s safer right? Because if you leave your house, you just might get shot, hit by a car, struck by lightning, catch a disease, get bitten by a diseased animal, stabbed, etc, OR you may meet the love of your life, a life long friend, I kind hearted soul, you may see a family riding bikes, wildlife that you usually don’t get to see, you may have some one open a door for you, smile say hello, you may see random acts of kindness everywhere, you might walk into a store and find something you’ve been looking for and never found, you may breath the seasonal air, you may see, feel, smell, touch things that you might not get to experience sitting in the house, and observing the World.

So do you stay in the house, or do you take a chance and go for a walk?

We’re here to experience life, to take action or inaction in it, what ever we choose. We have the free will to do it. It’s all up to us, or you. You can choose to see only bad, and horrible things, to spout only what you see, or you can choose to see the beauty in all things, regardless of how horrible it may be.

Which would you rather have?

Would you rather experience the wonder or the depression of the day? It is all indeed a choice, right? It all depends on how you see and filter the World and life. Or how that friend or person that takes you into to World to experience that wonder, even if we are having trouble seeing it.