The Locks We Carry

Multiple Se heki
Reiki Symbol – Sei Heki
Watercolor (w/ Salt) Medium
Prismacolor Pencils

Sei Heki is the emotional symbol in Reiki. When I draw Sei Heki I view it as heart energy, which is why I use yellows, greens and maybe even a little blue. Those are the chakras that are around the heart.

We carry locks. Some call them Masks, some call them walls, or doors. Even some more may have a combination of all of them. I’m currently working on masks and locks. I had thought that I and walls, tall brick and mortar walls built as high and as thick as I could make them. However, I’ve come to figure out that they are not indeed walls, but locks with a door that I’ve placed on my heart chakra. In some cases with the intent of “never going to happen again”, or it’s a regret, or something of the like.

I’ve started working on mine recently, as I’ve been unable to connect with people, or feel things that I should feel. Some of my locks are regrets, old “shields” put in place to protect myself. From old habits, to old conditions, to old behaviors, things that have been in place for years, sometimes decades. Sometimes the first step is the conscious choice that it’s time to change. But you are the only person that can change who you are. It has to be your choice, your goal, your wish. Most of the time if your motivation to change comes from outside, (ie: I’m going to do it for you (be it husband, boyfriend, friend, sister, sibling, etc), those changes rarely stick. The Choice must be for YOU, about YOU, by YOU.

Do you want to be a better person? Why? Do you want to change for the better? What is your motivation? Is the fire that is lit powerful enough to carry you through? Is your support supportive enough to encourage you when you need it? Do you have an accountability partner? Sometimes while it’s your path, it does help to have some one on that path with you to encourage you, as well as be encouraged.

So I’ve brought things out of the dark into the light of day. Be it my Breyer Horse collection, my art/crafting skills to create a new, reading, journaling, either on paper or on line. I’m trying to figure myself out. Because before I can help some people, I have to be able to help myself.