Something Wonderful and Ten Grateful Things: 03/14/2015

Photograph Taken: 03/12/2015
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Something Wonderful:

The Guy that allowed me to cross even though he could have kept going. Thank you

Ten Grateful Things:

1. The Beautiful Day
2. The Unique Car I saw called the Smaug Mobile.
3. The Metro Transit System
4. The Library, and finding one on just one bus route … oooo
5. My family
6. Cereal
7. Bread
8. Ikea
9. The Cats…Tramore is sitting in my lap, dirty oldman he is.
10. Birkenstock Shoes for arch support.

Out and about again today. Rode the bus down to Washburn Library, it’s on the 4 route. No transfers needed. Which means I got to switch from Eden Prairie Library as default to Washburn. Which means I probably went a little overkill in my requests for items to borrow.

Ikea I went to get some little cheap 4×6 picture frames for some Cards I draw around New Moon and Seasonal changes. And Spring this season has both.

I didn’t do any cleaning today, maybe tomorrow. Thursday or Friday I’m definitely smudging.

Registered my Square today, which enables me to take credit cards.

Today was another good day.


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