Something Wonderful and Grateful things: March 18th

So how was your day?  Was it Wonderful?  Did something wonderful happen today?  What are you grateful for?

I’m a little late, but I’m on the tail end of a trade with one of my healers.  Massage for reading, or energy work, and healing all around.

Something Wonderful: An older woman let me on the bus first today.  It always astounds me the kindness of the people that ride the metro transit, as well as the people that just don’t care.

What am I grateful for today?

1. My family
2. My friend, Diane.
3. My roommate, Ann
4. My cat Mischief
5. My job
6. The fact that I have choices
7. Love
8. Divine
9. The Nature around me
10. Music

A little thoughtful today. Things are changing. Thoughts are brewing. Eclipse this week. Diane and I do trades once every 2 weeks. I get really thoughtful around then.

Hope everybody has a good night?
Something wonderful is happening. What are you going to be grateful for?


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