A Wandering Wonderful and Grateful Day: 04/17/2015

Photograph Taken: Early Spring 2004
Shakopee, MN

This particular photograph was taken with 35mm. Just thought I would note that…

How was everybody’s week? Was it good, bad, mixed? Was it sunny? Full of mischief? Was it furry? Hope you are having a safe Friday Night. It’s still Friday for a little bit. I’ve finally finished the 3 affirmations for the board.

So now I can get more cork if I’m so inclined.

To be honest had a bit of a frustrating evening. But I came home, and went for a walk about. And the stress just melted away. It was humbling, really. I didn’t bring anything besides my IPOD, walking stick and myself, no phone.

Then I came home and worked on my affirmations.

wpid-img_20150417_113110.jpg wpid-img_20150417_113340.jpg wpid-img_20150417_113648.jpg wpid-img_20150417_232236.jpg wpid-img_20150417_234741.jpg wpid-img_20150417_234425.jpg wpid-img_20150417_233531.jpg wpid-img_20150417_232513.jpg

I went with an earlier meditation that mentioned focusing on finances with this round of affirmations.  So that’s what I did.

What am I grateful for?

  1. My nephew (squealing little tike he is)
  2. Briar (the dog, for showing me yes, there are people outside, and dogs, don’t forget the other dogs) 🙂
  3. My cat, Mischief for being talented.
  4. My Friends
  5. My walking stick.
  6. Peace and quiet w/ a side of music
  7. communication
  8. car2go
  9. My sister
  10. cash

I hope everyone has a safe evening and night!  Have fun and enjoy the weekend!


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