Walking Wonderfully, Tarot of the Day: The Master, with an abundance of Gratefuls: 04/18/2015

How is every one’s weekend going so far?  Curling up with a furry?  Or are they not sitting still (mine isn’t)?  Do you have the home to yourself?  Did you go out an party?  Take a long walk by the lake?  Go for a ride?  Take lots of pictures?

wpid-wp-1429421951886.jpeg Lake Harriet
Minneapolis, MN

My initial plan this afternoon was to go to the library, have some ice cream and walk up S. Colfax again, but when I looked at the creek, I decided to go on a walk about. In this photograph is Lake Harriet, which Minnehaha Creek links to. So I had the opportunity to take some photographs on my walk, AND have a nice walk. It was refreshing, especially because I didn’t take my walking stick, and I felt fine with the walk, even with the distance. It was a really nice day, very restful. It’s raining now, and that’s REALLY okay. I love the rain, the sound, the smell, the ambiance of the patter.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. I had the apartment to myself.
  2. The much needed rest.
  3. Fire
  4. The Divine Guidance
  5. Choice
  6. Good Friends
  7. Family
  8. The unique people that live in Minneapolis
  9. Creativity
  10. Peace

My cat plays fetch.  I should mention that.  She’s weird, but that’s one of the reasons I love her.

I have 50 items currently checked from the library.  🙂

Today’s Tarot Draw was:

wpid-20150418_143841.jpg The Master
Osho Zen Tarot

The Master in Zen is not a a master over others, but a master of himself. His every gesture and his every world reflect his enlightened state. He has no private goals, no desire that anything should be other than the way it is. His disciples gather around him not to follow him, but to soak up his presence and be inspired by his example. In his eyes they find their own truth reflected, and in his silence they fall more easily into the silence of their own beings. The master welcomes the disciples not because he wants to lead them, but because he has so much to share. Together, they create an energy field that supports each unique individual in finding his or her own light. If you can find such a master you are blessed. If you cannot, keep on searching. Learn from the teachers, and the would be masters, and move on. Charaiveti, Charaiveti, said Guatam Buddha. Keep Moving.

Moving. We’re moving…Funny how this keeps coming up. 🙂

One of my coworkers called this afternoon to discuss (complain) about a mutual problem child.  I’ve just accepted that the problem child is who she is, and I’ll need to accept her for who she is, even the *headdesk* moments.

My affirmation board is done.  I did some revisions to some of the affirmations, but the core stayed the same.  I’m currently revising the order of things.  As now things are complete, I can put them in a particular order.  I can always rearrange later.  Life changes.  Things move in priority. The wheel goes ever forward.


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