Tarot of the Day: Penelope Dreamweaver and Faeries of the Future: 04/20/2015

How is everyone’s MoonDay going so far?  Everybody get to work on time?  Have a safe drive?

This morning’s meditation was with Brian Weiss.

Today’s message from the Meditation is: “Don’t worry about the small stuff.  Everything is as it should be.  Have Faith, Believe, and Trust that all will be well.

The Affirmation is Let it Go, Let it Grow.

I saw a picture of one the Dark Lady from the Faerie Oracle deck by Brain Froud, and took this to mean that I was drawing from that deck today.  Two Cards came up.  But I’m going to post three, so you know what The Dark Lady looks like.  Don’t worry nothing bad, I hope. 🙂

I have some small things that I need doing today.  But small things build big things.  One brick doesn’t get you far, but lots of bricks can get you a wall, a house, a garage, building of some sort, etc….

When I asked which deck I’d be seeking guidance from today, I got the image of the Dark Lady from the Faeries’ Oracle Deck.

wpid-20150420_120424.jpg28 Penelope Dreamweaver
Faeries’ Oracle

Inspiration, Magical Dreams, Visions; Seek visions and inspirations. Be aware that they are often subtle and require close attention. Fantasies, dreams and daydreams are all places an inspiration faerie can contact us, but she can also pop up unannounced in the midst of the most ordinary of activities – in the bath, washing the dishes, driving the car, or anywhere else that our mind is half occupied and half running idle. Pay special attention to unsought inspirations at this time. They have something wonderful to offer you, but it is up to you to catch them and bring them into reality.

While I was meditating I saw myself doing some watercolor in the form of a dolphin.


33 Faeries of the Future
Faeries’ Oracle

Be here NOW, Guidance, Moving forward. “…It is time to consider where we have been and where we wish to go.” There are many paths, many opportunities, many potentials, but we must choose a path and then take realistic, practical steps to bring the desired future is not being. This is not a time to wait for things to come to us, but to step forward boldly to meet them. We may do this alone if we wish or in the company of those who share our goals and dreams.

This something that has been coming up a lot in recent days. Be here in the Now, Don’t Worry about what may be. Plant your seeds and leave them be. Let them grow.

Now it will be interesting to note that the Dark Lady from this deck notes “We may reach the realm of the Dark Lady though grief, through deep surrender, through ecstasy, or through profound ritual.”

It’s interesting that she visited me before meditation, and Surrender like yesterday’s Tarot draw is also notated. A theme this week, or a lesson?


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