Tarot of the Day: 60 The Pook: 04/21/2015

How is everyone’s week going so far?  It may be too early to tell, but if you stay positive it may just surprise you yet!

I’m getting on a little late, I’m due to work for a couple hours yet, it’s cloudy, windy, but hey I had this little one to cuddle with today:


She always wants to cuddle when I’m about to get up.  Not that I’m complaining.  Furry cuddles are the best.

I’m finding it a bit easier to stay grounded when meditating (keeping in with breathing), sans a kitty playing with a ball of paper on me.  But it goes well.  I did my main meditation and a little one so I could sit with Mother and ask some questions.  It’s time for some things.  I have one goal that I need to accomplish, and there’s another outside of that goal that it’s time to start this week.  It’s time to focus more on my health.  Eating right and balanced.  Getting in touch with another massage therapist for a trade.  These are all flashes in my meditations.

wpid-20150421_130645.jpgToday’s tarot card is The Pook from the Faeries’ Oracle deck by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth.

Shape Changer. Good in bad, bad in good. Paradox. Resolution; It is time for the resolution of seeming contradictions and paradoxes in the situation. Some one or some part of the situation is cloaked in confusion, and you muddled thoughts must be stripped away, revealing truth. We just need to think about it, the information we needed to know is now available to us. And as soon as we have that burst of insight and GET IT, ti’s time for us to make changes based on our newly clear understanding. It also may be time for a reality check. Make a list of the “good” (possibly surprising things) about the situation, and another list about the “bad” ones.

It’s time for me to focus on things that are a bit more closer to home.  Stop dining out as much, invest in foods that I can purchase, make at home, and eat out with.  Start adding more color to my diet, stop buying “stuff”, and start “investing” in the betterment of myself and my World.

While I’d like to try some more meditations, I have plenty of guided meditations already. While I love the movies, I’m not feeling it right now. While I’d like a lot of other stuff, most of the stuff is distraction of the goal.  Don’t forget to have fun, Don’t forget to play with the faerie, Don’t forget to go outside into HER World.  Take breaks from you goal, and there are ways that I can do it, with putting my money away from where it needs to be.

Today’s Affirmations from My morning meditation

  • I am Loved
    I am Cherished
    I am Beloved
    I am Beautiful
    I am a Healer

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