Sunny Wonderful and New Library Gratefuls: 04/25/2015

A Happy Weekend is going on, I hope by all?

So today…

What am I grateful for?

  1. My clients
  2. My friends
  3. The Sun
  4. Car2Go
  5. The Library
  6. Guided Meditations
  7. The Cats
  8. Massage
  9. Nature
  10. My Family

What Wonderful thing happened today?

I got to see a long time client and friend today.  She got a birthday massage, which was a free 30 minute upgrade.  I got do some work that increased her Range of Motion of her left shoulder.  I really love it when that happens.  Work that I do helps that occur.  I really enjoy my work.

I do really enjoy  my career choice.  My roommate asked me once what was the difference between a job and my career.  A job is a job that is a job, but my career is awesome.   A job is usually a means to an end, unless you are lucky enough to find a company and position that you truly enjoy.



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