Tarot of the Day: The Green Woman, Heartless Love, and the Messenger: 04/26/2015

It’s a Wonderful Day! The Sun is Shining! The Sky is Blue (at least here), People are a walking, Things are going on! Pastries are in the oven. It’s an Awesome Day! How are you doing?

My meditation was really restful with a kitten napping on me. Though she’s been really mischievous this morning, and has been squirted 2x. Still walking around a little wet. 3:)

This morning I did a three card draw this morning from the Heart of Faerie Oracle, also by Brian Froud and Wendy Froud.

wpid-20150426_104911.jpg30 The Green Woman
Heart of Faerie Oracle

Subtlety, Beauty, Fruition; Just as there is balance of masculine and feminine energy in all of us, there i s that same balance of energy in all of nature. The Green Woman is the subtle “greening” of the world, the gentle flow of energy, creativity, inner strength, full of moisture, and the nurturing qualities of plant life. She cradles us in her strong arms and soothes us with the healing energy of all that is beautiful, rather than awesome, in nature. When you observe the delicate ivy surrounding an ancient oak tree, when you smell a flower and marvel at the beauty of its form and color, you honor the strength and the subtlety of the Green Woman. When she appears before you in a reading, let her powerful gentle energy surround and nurture you. A relationship calls for gentle “greening” sometimes. Tread softly and gently to bring a relationship to fruition in its tentative stages. Be strong in your convictions, but gentle in the manner in which you present them, and you emulate the Green Woman.

wpid-20150426_104916.jpg23 The Heartless Love
Heart of Faerie Oracle

Abandonment, Heartbreak, False Expectations;
When we think of Faerie, we often think of joy, beauty, healing, and love. But sometimes the concept of love, especially physical love or heart connection is not what we would wish it to be. Faeries have a fascination for humans, just as we have a fascination for faeries. They don’t always understand what our hearts need. To love a faerie can be a dangerous thing. They can appear to our sensibilities to be heartless or non-caring about relationships. They love and leave, walking away from an entanglement, while the one left behind feels abandoned and bereft. They don’t understand that they could be the cause of the heartbreak. Or if they do understand, they don’t care. People often wish for a faerie lover, but that isn’t always a wise wish. If the Heartless Love turns up in a reading, look at your own relationships. Are you the heartless love? Is the person you are involved with taking that role? Where is the energy of your relationship going? Perhaps a bit of human compassion is needed.

wpid-20150426_104923.jpg16 The Messenger
Heart of Faerie Oracle

Confusion, Mischief, Gossip: If he turns up in your reading, make sure you verify what people are telling you, especially about how some one else feels or about any aspect of your relationship. Gossip can be irresistible, but the hurt it causes is not so easily mended. Be aware of the messenger in your life and take what he tells you with more than a grain of salt.

There is a lot going on this week.  It’s been busy which I’m not too terribly sad about.  I’m actually enjoying it.  But it’s true about being careful of your filters, be they people, energy, nature, etc.  What you perceive and what is is projected are two different things.

It will be interesting what the Fae bring in this week.  Very Interesting.

Today’s Affirmation: Something Wonderful is happening today!  I am worth it!


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