Wonderfully Accomplished and Sunny Gratefuls: 04/30/2015

Well, how was everybody’s April?  Today being the last day of April?  Did you get any snow?  Are things blooming where you are at?  Is nature changing colors?  How is it going?

Today was the first of two days taking care of the Blueberry.  We went out for a walk this morning.  It turned out to be about 90 minutes long.  He had fun, most popular question: What’s That?

We were going to walk in the Cemetery, because I like old tombstones.  They’re so unique.  It’s like doing genealogy passively.  But there was a sign that said “no dogs” so the plan changed.

wpid-img_20150430_210510.jpgSpring Blooms
North Minneapolis, MN

I really enjoy working with Instagram. You can change the focus of what you want to stand out. It’s kinda cool.

I’m currently doing a couple things that I’d been putting off. It being the end of the month. I decided to do the sheets from massage and my bed sheets, plus doing some copying of some material that needs to be returned to the library.

So Getting things accomplished, is awesome.

What am I grateful for?

  1. My nephew (little cutey pie he is)
  2. Being able to dominate the puppy (when it’s needed)
  3. The privilage of caring from my Sister’s Son, at my sister’s house.
  4. Car2Go
  5. Waze
  6. Spring
  7. The Library
  8. My clients
  9. My Affirmations
  10. My Faith

I’ll end my post this evening with my Nephew’s Kitty, Ziggy.  The oldman that he is.

wpid-img_20150430_210745.jpgMr Ziggy
North Minneapolis, MN

Hope everybody has a good safe evening, and an enjoyable night.

See ya tomorrow!


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