Wonderfully Accomplished and Kindly Grateful: 05/01/2015

How was your Friday?  Was it Awesome?  Would you rather do it over?  Did you wish you stayed in bed?  Were you happy you didn’t?  How was the day?

Today I was an accomplished, successful, and prosperous Healer.

My wonderful was I got booked for 2 appointments at work, on a normally dead evening.  WooHoo!

What am I grateful for today?

  1. Car2Go (it was close today, didn’t have to walk nearly as far)
  2. My Nephew (thought he was a frog today “Ribbit”, he also gets to spend the night at Noli and Granddad’s house tonight)
  3. The kind woman that stopped and asked if I was okay this morning (while I was wondering if I forgot my wallet, which is kinda needed to log into a Car2Go.
  4. Briar Rose (my sister’s puppy, she was an awesome foot warmer today, while I did my Daily Meditation)
  5. The Rain
  6. My roommate (off doing ritual tonight, gives me time to do a little of my own)
  7. The Full Moon (even with the crazies)
  8. Work (clients are wonderful)
  9. Meeting new people, hello Luke
  10. Good Food

I’ll leave with you some pictures of the day!

wpid-img_20150501_205132.jpg wpid-img_20150501_175433.jpg wpid-img_20150501_142214.jpg

Two are Briar Rose (shes a lab wiener mix), and the other is my Nephew (he calls all car2gos “Krisso’s Car” now).


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