Wonderfully Grounded and Nostalgically Grateful: 05/02/2015

How was everybody’s Awesome Saturday?  I had two kitties waiting for me when I got home.  It’s cute…

Today I followed the little and loud voices of my intuition.

Do I bring my Ipod? No
Do I bring my walking stick? no
Will I need it? no
Do I bring my camera? yes
Do I wear my sandals? yes

bring no distractions.

So just my camera, phone (which was muted), and water.


So I had a wonderful day, from getting tshirt this morning, to going grocery shopping (and striking a convo with the driver beside me), to returning my library materials, to cooling off, and then going out again to do my Beltaine activity. My activities around Pagan Holidays involve a camera and no distractions. Just walking in nature, and taking pictures of what “strikes a pose” 🙂

It was wonderful to ground, to ground my worries, hurts, anger, frustrations, doubts, anxieties, etc into the earth, into the Earth they go.

wpid-20150502_183440.jpgJust sitting and Grounding in the Shade

What am I grateful for?

  1. All the Wonderful People
  2. The Goddess
  3. My roommate
  4. My kitties
  5. My family
  6. Mother Nature, Father Sky, Mother Moon, Father Sun
  7. Water
  8. My inhaler
  9. Parks
  10. Spring Color

You’ll only see this type of color with this amount of Nostalgia in the beginning of Spring.  While the Earth comes awake from her long frozen sleep, and the She becomes Alive with Life.   We look at the color that has been gone since the beginning of Winter/Late Autumn, and we are Happy, we’re out and about and enjoying that which is around us.

I’ll leave with you the some photographs from my phone today.

wpid-img_20150502_172500.jpg wpid-img_20150502_163138.jpg

No not the same photograph, but Damn it felt good.


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