Raining Wonderfully and Setting Gratefully: 05/03/2015

How was everybody’s Sunday?

I was greeted by two cats when I got home.

Hungry….feed us…human…meow

Take Cover and Listen to the Rain
Lakewood Cemetery
Minneapolis, MN

It was an awesome Thunderstorm, though the major part of “fushia” on the radar went North of my location. I’m kinda miffed, I like the boomers, even the hail. So I made it the Lakewood Cemetery today. And Honestly there’s nothing like the Green of spring, but there’s also nothing like the green of plants about to be fed with water, or have just been fed with water.

Lakewood Cemetery
Minneapolis, MN

It’s just Beautiful!

It took the humidity with it. I don’t go to the Cemetery just for the landscaping, I enjoy the Dead too. Being a genealogist as a hobby, I enjoy the old cemeteries, you never know the abundance of information available where the Dead are collected in one spot. When you start looking at Census records, News Articles, etc, and then you’ve seen the Cemetery…things start to fall into place. Lakewood is a historic cemetery. There was one that I saw today that was born about 10 years after 1776. Shocking! You never realize just how old some of these sites are till you look at something like that.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My Roommate’s Boyfriend did the dishes
  2. Breakfast (we had pancakes and bacon)
  3. My kitties (little monsters (hungry monsters) they are)
  4. Mother Nature
  5. Rain
  6. History
  7. Family
  8. Friendships
  9. Quiet places
  10. Guided Meditations

Random thought of the day:  What would it take to get a group of photographers together, do some research, and then grid a cemetery out, and start taking pictures.  Load those images up online for people who are searching for family.  It may be an awesome endeavor.   Kinda  like getting the band together and going across country taking pictures of historical structures both in repair and with nature slowly taking over.   Once they’re gone, they are but a ghost of memory, and then not even that.


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