Tarot of the Day: XV Conditioning and Projections: 05/04/2015

How is everybody’s Monday?  Is it Awesome? Did you get a fire lit under you rear?  Because I sure did.

This morning’s Affirmations were:

  • I am a Healer
  • I am living in Abundance
  • I am an accomplished, prosperous, successful healer
  • I am a Sain Healer at Sain Healing
  • I am on the Road to Financial Freedom
  • I am Letting it Go so I can Let it Grow

There were a variety of others, plus my affirmation board, but I said them in a new Guided Meditation utilizing OM.  That was powerful.  I tried going into a Guided Meditation from then, but suddenly I got these thoughts of: You need to call “this” person.  You need to “touch base” with that person.  You need to “follow up” with him.  So I went and did things.  🙂

I woke up at 540 this morning, but I dreamed I woke up at 642.  Those of you who do numbers, there’s that.  I do the Angel Numbers 101.

This morning’s Tarot Reading was out of the Osho Zen Tarot Deck.

wpid-20150328_105300.jpgXV Conditioning
Osho Zen Tarot

This card recalls an old Zen story, about a lion who was brought up by sheep and who through he was a sheep until an old lion captured him and took him to a pond, where he showed him his own reflection. Many of us are like this lion – the image we have of ourselves comes not from our own direct experience but from the opinions of others. A ‘personality’ imposed from the outside replaces the individuality that could have grown from within. We become just another sheep in the herd, unable to move freely, and unconscious of our own true identity. It’s time to take a look at your own reflection in the pond, and make a move to break out of whatever you have been conditioned by others to believe about yourself. Dance, run, jog, do gibberish – whatever is needed to wake up the sleeping lion within.

wpid-20150504_090705.jpgSeven of Water: Projections
Osho Zen Tarot

The man and woman in this card are facing each other, yet they are not able to see each other clearly. Each is projecting an image they have constructed in their minds, covering the real face of the person they are looking at. All of us can get caught up in projecting movies of our own making onto the situations and people surrounding us. it happens when we are not fully aware of our own expectations, desires and judgements; instead of taking responsibility for them and owning them, we try to attribute them to others. A projection can be devilish or divine, disturbing or comforting, but it is a projection nonetheless – a cloud that prevents us from seeing reality as it is. The only way out is to recognize the game. When you find a judgement arising about another, turn it around: Does what you see in others really belong to you? Is your vision clear or clouded by what you want to see?

Or is your Conditioning leading you to see things as they are not really?  Or vis versa?

What a pair.  Conditioning and Projections both have something to do with what is going on.   Could that have something to do with my meditation this morning.  It feels like a shift just went “ka-thunk”.  That’s what it feels like.

Hope Everybody has a Good Eventful day?  Interesting times.  May the Forth be with you! 🙂

I’ll post some pretties soon.  I had a productive morning thus far.


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