Feeling Wonderful and Beautiful Gratefuls: 05/04/2015

So today, how was today?  It was Moonday after all… Hope it was a FINE day for you!

Today I took a walk around Lake Harriet, came home and had a protein shake. Drank a lot of water.  But the walk around the lake was Awesome.  Wasn’t sure if it was a good Idea, it’s a longer distance than I’m used too.  The other Feeling wonderfully is I walked up the stairs today, and for the first time in several months, I didn’t feel the fatigue in my legs.  woohoo.

I found an abandoned Grover, poor guy:


Lots of Dogs, and people, but it was a Beautiful afternoon.

I’ve started to look into additional schooling today.  Because I’d like to return for some or in-depth training.  Things I feel that I didn’t get enough of, and some things that were just never brought up.

What am I grateful for:

  1. My Friends
  2. My little minx of a kitten
  3. Azhari for giving me a ride home
  4. Mother Nature
  5. No TV
  6. Guided Meditations
  7. Awesome Phones with cameras
  8. Grounding
  9. Candy Crush (boredom killer)
  10. Healthy Legs (or their getting there)

How did this morning’s tarot relate to my day?  In this case, it’s the people in my life as well as myself.  What is being Projected, and what has been conditioned.  I dropped the ball on something a couple weeks ago, and I need to fix it.  Don’t know if it’s fixable, but I’m going to try.  We still have a “situation” at work, but it’s one of those things that’s like a “train wreck” you know what’s coming, and you have no control over it.   So I’ve been just letting it go.  I have several people in my life projecting.  The trick is not to fall for it, or take what is being projected inside. It’s not just the image that is reflected/projected there’s energy too!

I’ll leave you with a flower tonight.  I have have an interview tomorrow morning, I would like some sleep for.



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