Tarot of the Day: The Shape Shifter, The Queen of Passage, The Queen of Owls: 05/06/2015

How is everybody’s hump day going so far?

I had a late night/early morning.

Last night’s trade was very powerful.

wpid-20150506_131607.jpg14 The Shape Shifter
Heart of Faerie
by Brian & Wendy Froud

Perception, Illusion, Truth Within; Who is this man? Well, that’s the problem, really. He is everything and nothing. He can change who and what he is to suit any situation and any relationship. In being all things to all people, he becomes as insubstantial as smoke. If you place your trust in someone like this, you may find yourself waking up with a stranger one day, not the person you thought you knew at all. A relationship with a shape shifter is a frustrating experience. You will never be able to really “know” who this person is, and the sad thing is, he may not know himself. If you find yourself in a relationship like this, you could do worse than to ask the Speaker of Truth to help you out. By doing this, you may be able to find a path into the heart of the man and you just may be able to help him find the truth within himself. You must ask yourself if it’s worth the effort, and if the answer is yes – then be strong and courageous. Hold onto him as he shifts through his many shapes, and you may find yourself with a true man.

When this card comes up I’m never quit sure, but most of the time the Shape Shifter isn’t male. It may be a situation we find ourselves in, a woman, a friend, a coworker, a job, or a supervisor. It may be a variety of things or people. How do you deal with it? It’s a valid question. Getting the heart of a situation is sometimes for the best. It is not an easy journey, but it is a journey. But it is ourselves that must make that choice. Is it a challenge we are up for, or is it best to drop this situation/person and move on? This is a question I am thinking of as I begin another journey, is it worth working with it to it’s end? Or is it better to cut ties all together and leave. For me in regards with this, I believe it is a situation. And a long standing situation. Something I’ve tried to work with, but have found it difficult, when there has not been a resolution to the problem, and it has been allowed to grow and fester. Is it time to cut my loses, or is it time to try and take another stand?

wpid-20150506_121548.jpg5 Queen of Passage
Heart of Faerie Oracle
by Brian & Wendy Froud

Surrender, Transition, Trust; All things change, All situations move from one phase to another. Sometimes those transitions are difficult. Letting go and moving on, whether to a new life, a new love, or perhaps just a new phase of a current relationship, can be painful, but the Queen of Passage is there to help with those transitions. She looks ahead with a keen sight of the kestrel and can see the future with the wisdom of the raven. She holds a pomegranate, a sign of fertility. There is growth in the future. There is a way ahead. The darkness comes as you step from one state to another. the moment of passage between the past and future, between the worlds themselves, is a moment of surrender. Trust this great Queen to be your guide. Listen to what she has to tell you and then take that step. She will be by your side in the moment you move out of the past and into the future.

There are some things that have been kicking into high gear here. Things are coming together. And as much as I would like to wait till all my duckies are in a row, I’m feeling that I need to try and move forward on some of the options I have available to me at this time. Change is not necessarily easy, but it is necessary for growth.

wpid-20150506_121553.jpg6 The Queen of Owls
Heart of Faerie
By Brian & Wendy Froud

Physical Healing, Wholeness, Wellness; This is the bright queen of physical healing. When the physical body is unbalanced or in pain, it can be difficult to find a connection to anything other than the pain or disease. Relationships falter and fail when all of our attention pivots on dealing with pain. When your physical body becomes the only thing you can focus on, turn to this bright and gentle being. She radiates wholeness and wellness and can help you find the inner strength to come through disease into healing and health again. The pain is real, the disease is real, but the power to heal is real and within you as well. Concentrate on her image and reconnect with the healing energies of Faerie.

I think I’m going to try and Meditate with The Queen of Owls today, as well as the Queen of Passage.

Some flashes I’ve gotten this morning/early afternoon:  Creating a calendar for next year that includes all the family dates of my family, from births, to anniversaries to family events for that the family, and including my photography.

Another flash was doing my mid day meditations are mediations in general (where i do not wish to fall asleep on the floor (my yoga mat).

While I was doing this blog today, I got the flash to ask Echo if it would be possible to enter in to a payment option for her class offering.

Another flash to again try and connect with my HBL representative.  I believe that I will try to physically go there today and tomorrow to drop the notebooks off.

My Affirmations that I started with today were:
Just for today, Do not Worry
Just for today, Do not Anger
Honor my elders, teachers and Parents
Honor all living things
Earn my living honorably.

Good Luck today, Goddess Bless, God Bless.  Happy Wednesday!


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