My Room: 05/09/2015

This post is mainly about my cleaning on Thursday.  Since for some reason my pictures were not uploading from my phone, and I was unable to share.

As it gets warmer outside, I’ve found that some of the air was being restricted in certain areas.

In my room, I had my bed positioned with the headboard in front of the window, which also put it in front of the window fan.

I wanted to keep my affirmation board, vision board, and Something Wonderful all in view of the bed, with out craning my head.  So this is what I came up with.

wpid-20150509_123829.jpg wpid-20150507_154517.jpg wpid-20150507_154524.jpg

Before I had to two Lacks (ikea) together by the window.  But that wouldn’t work as I have things on them.  I also used the Expedit (not called that anymore by ikea) as a room divider.  And everything I wanted to keep in view, is.

The air is moving much more freely.

If I had the option in the living and dining room, I’d do the same.  But those will have to wait till we have a bit more flexibility.


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