Creative Healing Project: Affirmation Board

Now my affirmations, and your affirmations may not be the same.  Your journey wasn’t the same, the negative self talk may be similar, but not.  Your profession may be different from mine.  So your board is definitely going to be different from mine.

You can use any medium in creation of your board.  I like to think that creating your board holds a special sort of power, so …

My supplies:

  • Cork Board (I got the little 4 packs, because you can grow it as needed)
  • Medium (Artistically done Affirmations, Magazine clippings, images, print outs, etc)
  • nails
  • A levelor
  • staples.

Now the cork board comes with adhesives, I didn’t have a whole lot of success with them.  I needed to back it up with some nails.  So if it comes with the adhesive, you might want back up.   So it stays on the wall.  Now all those people with OCD, you may not like this project.  Mainly because cork isn’t all the same size, it expands and retracts with the weather.  That being said, leave some space (16th or an 8th of inch) between them.

I started small, I grew from there.  I don’t know that I’ll grow more, than revise as needed.  So when it is able to fit the budget I may just purchase a large Cork Board and go from there.

Know where you are going to put the board.  You’ll want it in a place you can see it, and READ it frequently.  It could go in your bedroom, where you use your computer, someplace that is usually the first and last place you look during the day.  Something you will SEE!

My affirmations are more geared towards my profession, a couple fun things, and areas I have problems.  The core Affirmations I knew, but as my project grew I started looking at my sleep tapes, and examples of affirmations I wanted to include. Do what feels best for you.

I built mine around the phrase: I am…

Then I built the board in a spiral, ending with Grateful.  There are going to be some Affirmations that may not fit the I am grammar, that’s okay, you can adapt it.

wpid-20150509_185324.jpg wpid-20150509_190248.jpg wpid-20150509_174906.jpg

Mine are built with 3 up and down, and 4 across.

The purpose is for some therapy as well as to have fun with it.

Good Luck!


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