Relaxing Wonderfully and Creative Gratefuls: 05/09/2015

How was your Saturday? Did you meet some one new? Try some thing new? Play with a child and hear their laugh? Eat something new? What happened today that you’re grateful for? Did something Wonderful happen today?

I relaxed most of the day. I didn’t start moving till later in the Afternoon, and I got side tracked my my Affirmation Board. My OCD kicked in and I did a little revising.

But it was a very good day relaxing with my cat in bed.

Grateful things today:

  1. I got a shout out from one of my Father’s Friends
  2. Got to Dance around the room with no one home. (awesome)
  3. Got to relax in bed on a beautiful day
  4. Got to snuggle with my fur ball
  5. Got to give kitties catnip
  6. Got the apartment to myself all day.
  7. Had the last S’mores Poptarts (yum)
  8. Got to create some art
  9. Starting to do some Art research
  10. Practice with colors

I also updated a journal post to my Sain Healing Journal about Modesty and Massage.

Everybody have a good and safe night.  See ya tomorrow.


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