Shatteringly Wonderfully and Accomplished Gratefuls: 05/11/2015

Well, that was a spectacular day!  What else can go RIGHT?

How was everybody’s Monday?  Did you accomplish new things?  Meet new people?  Try a new route to work?  Learn some thing new? Reacquaint with some one old?  Meet old friends?  Find an old Flame?  Realize something you didn’t think possible?

I have to say that I’m not feeling very Wonderful right now.  I’m kinda sad, but that may be better than pissed off.

What Wonderful Thing Happened today?

The Terrible Wonderful: would be the ending of a partnership.  Which was a bit shattering!

The Positive Wonderful: I ordered business cards today! They’re pretty!  I paid a little extra for color, and I got a bonus of an addl 150 for $5.  Which was cool.  But I did it. Investment into my future.

What am I grateful for?

  1. My Tarot readings (it was there)
  2. My friends
  3. My Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Faery
  4. The Mother and the Father.
  5. My intuition
  6. My roommate (she’s getting me ice cream, and we’re going to have comfort food)
  7. The new beginning that is about to start.
  8. My little Kitty that keeps me grounded when I’m traveling.
  9. The metro transit system
  10. My clients

It’s been a hard evening.  I’m not sure where it came from, I’m not…well I know why, but …

Here’s to endings and new beginnings.  And to all a Good Night!


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