Enjoying Wonderful and Laughing Gratefuls: 05/12/2015

How was everybody’s Tuesday?  Was it great? Was it meh?  Did you meet new people?  Try new things?  See the regulars?

What Wonderful Thing/Person/Event Happened today?

I went to a party, met all the new people I’m going to work with now.  It was fun. Tomorrow is tomorrow, but today was fun.

What Grateful things or people happened today?

  1. I updated some pages on my Business Site
  2. I got contacted by a potential new client, a referral from a chiro.
  3. I got to meet new people today (the people I’ll be working with at the chiro)
  4. I am very grateful I got to veg today.  Since it’s the first official day since the sundering.
  5. My ice cream (it was good)
  6. The many blessings that the Universe has seen fit to bestow.
  7. My guides
  8. My Faith, Trust, and Belief
  9. My friends
  10. My Hope

You don’t “get over” things, you let them go.  You learn whatever lessons need to be learned, and let them go.  From this one, I may need to track a book I gave up, and add it back to my collection, and maybe actually read it.

Last night I talked to my Roommate about her boyfriend.  And today I talked to her boyfriend about the main issue I was having with him.  It’s something that needed to be done.  And it was Tink showing up.  STAND UP, and be COUNTED.

Things are coming together, as others fall apart.  As things end, others begin. As one door closes, Others are waiting to be opened.


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