Tarot of the Day: Laiste Moon’s Daughter: 05/13/2015

Good Belated Morning!

Today is my first day of work at my new job!

I did my Affirmation Spiral this morning!

I had a client this morning!  Then I had to go to bus, hence “Good Belated Morning!

wpid-20150513_090333.jpg38 Laiste, Moon’s Daughter
Faeries’ Oracle
by Brain Froud
Text by Jessica MacBeth

Light cast in shadows, Spiritual guidance, Illumination, Riddles;

You may be finding apparently random events and ideas are falling into a pattern and beginning to make sense to you. Things may be flowing more easily than you are accustomed to, and your decisions and choices may be bringing an unusually high degree of success. Psychic abilities – hunches, intuitions, foreknowings – are becoming clearer and making more sense. Trust the process. Laiste also brings psychic dreams, forelighting the future and illumining the present. These dreams often speak in symbols, as faeries are wont to do.

I had a dream last night of CBC, and talking to the GM, about Mary. (You know the movie Something about Mary?) Yeah…not as fun. I was agitated in this dream talking to the GM, another individual had handed his resignation in, and we were loosing another good person, because of Mary. I was telling the GM that if she couldn’t deal with the problem, then maybe she should hand it to HR, because they could, otherwise we were going to lose some more good people, because of their inability to handle the problem.

I’ve been remembering several dreams lately, and I welcome them. I just need to remember to write them down when I FIRST wake up in the morning.


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