Tarot of the Day: The Faerie of Naughtiness: 05/15/2015

How’s everybody’s Friday?  Has it been Grand?  Did you take someone special in your life to watch something that he/she finds really interesting?  How has the weather been so far?

Last night I did an evening meditation. I’ve been informed that the shield will be in play till I learn to do it myself.  I saw several glimpses of myself being prosperous, accomplished, and successful.  I saw a place where I would have a separate room for my practice.

This morning I did my Affirmation Spiral Wheel, which helps the mind quiet tremendously, and frames my mindset nicely

wpid-20150515_084335.jpg37 The Faerie of Naughtiness
Heart of Faerie
by Brian and Wendy Froud

lighten up, mischief, misrule;

Sometimes you just have to be naughty. Now being naughty isn’t being bad. Being naughty can be a wonderful release. The Faerie of Naughtiness asks you to step outside of your boundaries for a moment and do something unexpected. She dares you to change the energy of the situation by doing the one thing that will tilt the universe just a tiny bit. Sometimes you can change that energy just by thinking. Naughty thoughts can lighten a situation without anyone else having to know about it. As you look at her, I’m sure an idea will come to mind. Observe too that she is connected above and below. The energy of the universe runs through her and connects her to everything.

I’ve been considering contacting my father. My Mother isn’t handling life to well right now. For some reason she’s doing her damnedest to push everyone away, but I don’t know if she is consciously aware of what she is doing. If I go through with what I’m planning, it’ll help, but she’s not going to like the role reversal. She’s going to fight it. But she’s proven she can’t do it on her own. So that means one of us is going to have to step up or down, and “help” her do it. “” depends on your pov.


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