Squealing Wonderfuls and Exercising Gratefuls: 05/15/2015

How did everybody’s Friday go?  Was it full of Mischief?  Did accidents happen?  Lose the keys? Remote?  Receive any messages from afar?  Meet an old friend?  Meet some one new?  Sit down and cuddle with something furry?

Today was an awesome day with my Nephew, even though he found my wallet, and started feeding things to the dog.  :/

We spent time playing on the couch squealing and wrestling after his nap, which was awesome indeed. I remembered to take his shirt off today, after yesterday’s adventures with yogurt. That was a bit messy. The little blueberry got to watch construction or destruction of a road with trucks, bobcats, pick ups and dump trucks for the better part of an hour.  They held his rapt attention.

What am I grateful for:

  1. I’m grateful for the friends that I have, that understand that there is darkness in all of us.
  2. I’m grateful for my little blueberry.  Beautiful Boy he is, full of mischief, and in his terrible twos.  Though I don’t know why their called terrible.
  3. My kitten Mischief, she’s been channeling the Faerie of Naughtiness all day.
  4. Tramore the little tattle tail that he is.  (meow meow, look at what the kitten did today, while you were out)
  5. Metro Transit
  6. Car2Go
  7. Waze Navigation
  8. The freedom to do a walk about, which I truly needed tonight.
  9. Whole Paycheck Foods
  10. My neighborhood (the lilacs are in bloom, and the history in the houses is awesome to look at when I take the time to walk and look)

My business cards came in today:


And Blueberry on our morning walk:


Have a good evening, and to all a good night!


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