Tarot of the Day: The Hermit, The Hanged Man, and the Eight of Wands: 05/16/2015

Happy Saturday!  I hope all you have an AWESOME DAY!

I have family in town, and we’re doing a family reunionish event.  So it’s pretty cool.

My morning meditation was with one of Kelly Howell’s guided meditations.  I’m not quite sure of her earlier work.  It was fine when I was just starting out with meditation, but now that I’ve been doing the guided meditations for a bit, I like it where they leave some space for you to guide yourself in the meditation.   It was a bit fast past for me.  It helped, but…ya…

Maybe I’ve grown since that.  LOL

I did my affirmation spiral  this morning.  Which begins with I am in the center, and ends with I am … Grateful.  It says a great many others, but it starts with the I AM.

Something Wonderful is Happening Today!

wpid-20150516_074237.jpgIX The Hermit
Druid Craft Deck
Art by Will Worthington

When I first drew this card this morning, the first thing I thought about was Knowledge. Which for me fit with what is going on today. The Family Reunion has the opportunity to look at a great deal of knowledge from a family tree, and see if it links to mine.

It also may have a great deal to do with the plans I am considering this weekend going into next week. One never knows.

Keywords: Guidance, Retreat, Caution, Withdrawal, Meditation.

Message: Turn away from the distractions of the outer World, and seek guidance. In silence and solitude discover new depths, and refresh your soul at the source of all life.

Not quite was is going on today, but pretty much what is going on overall. I am retreating a little bit, and I am seeking guidance from the healers in my life, and I am trying to cut tethers that seem to be attached to my Solar Plexus. So today, while I will have my cousin with me, I will be out in Nature. Hopefully be able to ground and be for a bit. Before I’m around distant relatives this evening/night.

wpid-20150419_115950.jpgXII The Hanged Man
Druid Craft Tarot
Art By Will Worthington

Keywords: Reversal of Values or attitudes, patience, surrender or sacrifice, deepening of experience, peace, Independence.

Message: Go deeper now, and let go of your striving. True freedom and independence is found through surrender.

This is part of recent events and the larger picture. I’ve been doing a lot of grounding and meditation recently, and I am also researching mentors/teachers, not because of what happened with D. But because the readings themselves were growing in intensity. I myself am not a fluffy healer, I can be blunt, and I don’t hide things from my clients. I give them the knowledge they need, whether they see me once, or continually. I don’t hold back that information. That wouldn’t be honest of me or nice. Though I do need to learn some compassion, for myself and others.

wpid-20150516_074246.jpgEight of Wands
Druid Craft Tarot
Art by Will Worthington

Keywords: Speed, Synchronicity, accomplishment

It’s funny how things come together, as things fall apart. It’s also very interesting how things just fall away. I’ll see how this pertains today.

I hope every one has an Awesome day!
Look for your Gratefuls!
Look for the Wonderfuls!
Try to remember them, instead of what you dislike today.


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