Tarot of the Day: O! That Gnome, The Faun, and Iris of the Rainbows: 05/18/2015

Good Morning, World!  How’s it been this morning?  People get to work this morning okay?  Or did the Faeries hide your keys, coffee, favorite mug, etc?

Today is Monday.  A couple things to be aware of: There’s a New Moon in effect right now, and Mercury is about to or has already gone into retrograde.  So be aware of this going into this week.

This morning’s Meditation was freeing.  It confirms the work we have done yesterday going into this week as worked.  And I am free of the cords and tethers to D.  Hopefully this has not done anything towards her, and she is well.  Because it was done in Love and Light. It also was a reintroduction of the Goddess Medusa and Goddess Isis in Sphinx form, as well as Ganesha.  These are the primary Divine that tend to appear in my Meditations up until a couple months ago, and then it was only Isis.

Today’s Affirmations were:  I am Beautiful, Balanced, and Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul.  I am accomplished, successful, and Prosperous.

26 wpid-20150518_101603.jpgO! That Gnome
Faeries’ Oracle Deck
Art By Brian Froud
Text By Jessica MacBeth

Trickster. Creative Chaos. Wild Gifts. Breaking Habits and patterns.

The Forces of Chaos are at work. Things may not be as they seem, and this may very well be a good thing. Look for the unexpected, find the opportunity in it, and go for it. he says that no matter how confused things may seem, there is a way to make them better, but it is a creative way, one you haven’t tried before.

I have a couple ideas that have been floating. Yesterday, a sale for Veterans on my business. And then this morning I got the idea to do some crafty things with my Etsy Shop. I’m seeing some creative Ideas pop up today. Creative Chaos.

wpid-20150518_101616.jpg35 The Faun
Faeries’ Oracle
Art by Brain Froud and Text by Jessica MacBeth

Understanding the nature of Nature, Natural wisdom, Natural magic;

When the Faun appears, natural magic is happening. When things flow almost effortlessly, that is a sign that natural magic is at work. Enjoy it! A very important part of natural magic is simply allowing the energy to flow through us. This means both giving and receiving freely. Let the energy flow – don’t push it, just dance with it. Trust it. And remember to keep returning to the source for inspiration and to keep your heart filled with light.

I love to do this.  To walk in the Nature and History around me.  To lose myself in the Nature around me.  It’s so easy for me to lose time when I’m walking outside, especially when I have my camera with me.  Just hours and hours of nature and pictures.  There are things that are popping up in my mind.  Ideas to return to.  New Ideas to try. It’s really nice to have the energy flowing again.

wpid-20150518_101629.jpg32 Iris of the Rainbow
Faeries Oracle
Art By Brian Froud and Text By Jessica MacBeth

Hope. Promise of the Future:

Iris is telling us that light is breaking through our present darkness, and that hope is a powerful factor in speeding up this process. She does not promise us that the storm is over, nor does she say that it will never storm again, but she does say that there is brightness and beauty here. She also tells us that there is something to be gained by this passage through the storm. And the sooner we learn what it is, the sooner the storm will end. A passage through the storm is a time of potential growth, a time to allow the dead wood of our past to be blown away to make room for the green shoots of new growth. At this point, it is useful to ask ourselves what we still need to release, and to look after protecting and nurturing the seeds we have planted. Iris suggests that the cultivation of patience may also be helpful at this time.

Patience is something I’m learning.  If there is one thing I learned from D, is that there is something to be said by working slowly with people.  To encourage the healing energy to help in the healing I do.  But healing isn’t just physical.  Healing is Art.  Healing is Action.  Healing is in Engaging Life.  Healing is a variety of different things to different people.   Energy is flowing again. Ideas are popping up.  It will be interesting what comes from the planting and growing now.


An Older picture of reflection and looking at things a different way.


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