Restful Wonderfuls and Relaxing Gratefuls: 05/18/2015

How was everybody’s Monday?  Was it ok?  Did something Wonderful happen?  What happened today that you were Grateful for?  Can you name them and write it down for everybody to see?  Can you do the same for yourself?

It’s 05/18/2015 here in Minneapolis, and we have some Frost and Freeze warnings in the state.  Weird, but again we live in the North, and Mother Nature has a mind of her own.  We love you Mother Nature.  Please do not take offense.  I enjoy watching you, even when you’re scary.

After this morning, I can rain out of gas.  It was then a relaxing day.

A friend from work called out of the blue and we went from some Gelato at MOA.  That was a good trip.  But other than that, It was an awesome restful day.  One more Monday and I’ll be working every Monday there after.  It’s kinda refreshing.

What am I grateful for:

  1. Good Loyal Friends
  2. Furry Purring Companions
  3. the Galloping kitten upstairs.
  4. My roommate, she made dinner
  5. Computers
  6. Guided Meditations
  7. Water
  8. Mother Earth
  9. Cloudy Days
  10. Interesting Events

That’s all for this Monday.

Good Night to all, and to all a good Night


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