Tarot of the Day: Death and The Piper: 05/22/2015

How is Everybody’s Friday Morning so Far?  Are you getting ready for a long weekend? Big plans? Traveling? Remember to be safe.  Remember to Thank a Veteran.

Today’s Affirmation: I am Open to Every Blissful Blessing that the Universe has in Store for Me.


Today I did a little centering before getting ready for the day.  I like getting to bed in time for at least 7 hours of sleep.

wpid-20150522_082931.jpg53 Death
Faeries’ Oracle
Art by Brian Froud

Natural, timely endings. Release. Liberation;

Something has reached a natural ending, and there is substantial and irrevocable change in the works. This change may be inner or outer or more than likely both. It is timely and natural, but there may be much resistance to it. Leaves fall every autumn, in spring the trees are green again with new leaves. Make room for the new in your life, let the old go, lovingly, gently, willingly.

I wonder what this is.  Is it tied to D?  Is it tied to something else.  I’m not quite sure.  But I do know that change is happening.

wpid-20150522_082938.jpg24 The Piper
Faeries’ Oracle
Art by Brian Froud

Music. Order. Harmony. Seduction. Empathy.

This card speaks of a time of harmony, creativity, and increasing order. It tells of communication without words – music of empathy and the awareness of the feeling and concerns of others. This is the time to pay attention to the subtlety of others’ expressions of feelings and ideas. Look past the surface and listen as you would to a beguiling melody on the very edge of hearing. He also plays melodies in our dreams, which may be filled with meaning and importance, and then he leaves it up to us to understand what they mean. Be aware that others may be listening to us w/ sensitivity and clarity – so much so that they may hear what we are truly saying more clearly than we do ourselves.


Have fun today!  I’m off to the little blueberry


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