Delicious Gratefuls and Cooking Wonderfully: 05/26/2015

How was everybody’s Tuesday?  Did you get some furry cuddles?  Was it a good or bad day?  What made it that way?  What about today made it Wonderful?  What happened today that made you grateful for it?

Today I had to double check, and triple check my appointment time.  Not that I doubted it, but it was earlier that I usually went to see Kate.  I did leave the house without an umbrella.  oops!  It’s all good though.  I returned some library books, went home, snuggled with my kitty, and took a nap.


Isn’t she cute?

Today I decided I would cook a meal.  I had the chicken and most of the ingredients, but no desire to go back out into the rain to get the other ingredients.  No problem, my roommate accepted the offer of dinner.  And she went out to get them.

I made a chicken recipe that I love to make, it’s quick and yummy, she call’s it The World’s Best Chicken and it’s delicious! I made chicken, veggies, some couscous, and dessert.  YUMMY!  It was a really good meal for the weather, and I got to cook some of the chicken that’s been hanging around in the freezer.  YAY! space.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. Kate Greenway (awesome reading as always)
  2. Furry Cuddles
  3. My roommate (groceries)
  4. A nap (perfect weather)
  5. metro transit (their policy that you can go just about anywhere in the metro in 2.5 hours on the same ticket)
  6. Mother Nature (she likes to remind us who’s the boss)
  7. Music
  8. Library (their automated book drop is the bomb)
  9. My home
  10. Jason (bringing wood pieces for our windows that have gravity issues).

I’ll leave you all with a flower (peony) from my trip to the Arboretum yesterday!


I will journal with you tomorrow, have a good night!


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