Rainy Wonderfuls and Friendly Gratefuls: 05/29/2015

How did everybody’s Friday go?  If you live in Texas, I hope you are staying safe, and able to help those who can’t help themselves.  If you are not in Texas, might want to send some good vibes or donations in that direction.  They’re getting a bit more rain then the Ground can handle right now.

What happened today that made it Great for you?  What happened to day that made you grateful?  What happened that was Wonderful?

The Rain is a wonderful thing.  Change comes in many forms, not just fire and destruction, but Rain and water can bring change just as much.  For those of us stuck in our homes or at work, or … it is an opportunity for rest, some introspection, meditation, building on core values or goals.   Today the rain for me offered the later three: rest, introspection, meditation, and building on core values or goals.  Kate was right about the V that landed in my reading on Tuesday.

What happened today that made me Grateful?

  1. My nephew (he napped a bit long, but I got a second meditation in today)
  2. My family
  3. My kitties (that didn’t rain destruction on today, but are currently galloping around the apartment)
  4. My roommate (we had some burgers together (fresh meat, yum)
  5. Work (for not being busy, and allowing me the evening off)
  6. My roommate (for forewarning me tomorrow is booked solid)
  7. Metro Transit
  8. Car2Go
  9. Random People
  10. Water (I was thirsty today)

I found some books by the same author and guides today.  I took some pictures, and saved them for my wish list.

I leave you with my darling Blueberry (eating his sandwich) and his puppy (on guard at the window).

wpid-img_20150529_122820.jpg wpid-img_20150529_150145.jpg

Have a good safe evening. Journal with you tomorrow.


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