Tarot of the Day: Queen of the Day, The Thief, and The Prince of Light: 06/01/2015

Welcome to Monday!  We have a beautiful day, and a Beautiful start of the week!

This morning’s meditation had Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel.  Some questions answered, and affirmations planted.  When I see these archangels I see the people who played them in Supernatural. It may be odd for some, but I need a focus for them to be there, and really, why not?

This morning’s Affirmation is I feel love, joy, happiness, and accomplishment Living in Abundance, Fulfilling all Obligations, and Experiencing my Dreams.

wpid-20150601_102707.jpg4 The Queen of the Day
Heart of Faerie Oracle
By Brian and Wendy Froud

Keywords: Grace, Beauty, and Blessing

If you draw this card, then you are blessed. enjoy the moment and enjoy the day. Be aware of the beauty around you, no matter where you are or what situation you find yourself in, for there is beauty everywhere if you have the eyes to see it. Stop and think about how this day, this situation can be seen in a better light. Beauty and grace are there, but you must find them.

wpid-20150601_102713.jpg18 The Thief
Heart of Faerie Oracle
By Brian and Wendy Froud

Excuses. Inaction. Lessons to Learn

A thief of time, a thief of energy; this being steals the things that you thought were under your control. How often have you put off doing something because you say to yourself, “It can wait. I’ve got plenty of time to do that.” you know you need to address certain problems – fix certain aspects of a relationship but you just never get around to doing ti. You don’t have the energy to face a confrontation or even to make the effort of being with some one who needs your support. When you finally decide to do something about it, it’s too late; the moment has passed, sometimes for good. If you are lucky enough to catch the Thief in a good mood, take back your time and energy from him and if he gives it back to you use it wisely. He steals to teach – it is up to you to learn.

wpid-20150601_102719.jpg12 The Prince of Light
Heart of Faerie Oracle
By Brian and Wendy Froud

New Beginnings, Peacemaker, Potential;

The Prince of Light comes into your life like a blessing. He is the bringer of new beginnings, indicated by the egg he holds before him, which is the symbol of potential. He soothes, calms, and leads you into the light. The peacemaker, he is always ready to still the troubled waters of a relationship. He is wise. If he appears in a reading, listen to what he has to tell you. If you recognize a friend or partner in the Prince of Light, cherish that person and honor the goodness he can bring to a relationship. If you draw this card with the Queen of the Day, you will be surrounded by grace and light. Bring that light to your own relationships and see them blossom under the benevolent gaze of these two powerful beings.

What a unique draw?!  When I was shuffling I was asking what to look for, what my challenge, what do I need to look for this day, this week?  this is what came up.

This morning I prayed:  I prayed that the Divine would guide me this day and this week in love through the trials, joy, healing, and speed bumps through this day and week in love.  Help me act in courage and light. – in your name, love, and power – Amen & Nameste.

Good Luck this week, and Mother and Father Bless!


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