Tarot of the Day: Queen of the Golden Bough: 6/2/2015

How is everybody’s morning so far? Has it been great? Did the bed just not want to give you up? Did you get furry cuddles this morning? An awesome breakfast? What did you have for breakfast?

This morning’s affirmation is I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.


The Queen of the Golden Bough
Heart of Faerie Oracle
By Wendy and Brian Froud

Support. Soul Healing. Equilibrium. 

If she shows in your reading, you are calling on the help of one of the true healing spirits of Faerie. You are seeking healing on a very ancient and fundamental level. Your need to heal and change may be so deeply embedded in your psyche that you may not even know it is there…Listen to what the Queen of Golden Bough has to tell you. She asks that you let go and allow her healing presence to nurture you. When you feel an overwhelming sadness that takes you by surprise, a sadness that seems to spring from the depths of your soul, meditating on this card can help you re-balance your emotions. It may also be time to let go of emotions that are stopping you from healing. These may be emotions that have a more tangible cause but still overwhelm you at surprising times. Take a long look at how these emotions made you feel in the past, how you are feeling at this moment, and then let the card do its transformational work to lead you into the future.


What healing and manifesting to do on this full moon?

Maybe another prayer meditation or a Faerie one, on can never be truly sure at this point in the day…

Hope every ones day is awesome! Remember your wonderful moments and people, don’t forget the grateful ones, though.


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