Wonderful Clients and Friends and Grateful Moments: 6/1/2015

How was everybody’s day? Today being Monday and the first day of June. Did something wonderful happen? Did something occur that made you grateful? What did the day bring to you?

My clients are my wonderful today.  They are precious. They are spontaneous. They are of the heart. They are of the joy. They were wonderful today.  And I thank everyone of you for bring in my life. Whether you are here for a short time or you are planning on staying. I love you all.

What am I grateful for?
1. My clients (see above)
2. My kitty (furry cuddles)
3. My roommate (for letting me borrow her ride)
4. My job
5. My Landlord (for being understanding)
6. Nature (went to a park today and read a book)
7. Credit Union Service Centers (I can bank there even though my bank is elsewhere)
8. The weekend (I woke up well rested today)
9. My ‘seeds’
10. Peace and quiet.

I hope every one has a Good Night!
Journal with you tomorrow.


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