Wonderfully Resting and Furry Gratefuls: 06/03/2015

How was everybody’s Wednesday?  Did you Accomplish it well?  Did you have a Wonderful day?  What about it made it Wonderful?  What or who made you grateful to be here?

Well I have to say, that while we can’t go back to bed when we get up and face the day, we CAN take a nap.  Which is in some cases the same thing.  🙂

My wonderful moment was cuddling with my kitty.  We had a date with the bed, and we totally slept together.  I put some ear buds in, to avoid construction noise, and away we went.  It’s nice waking up to a purring fur ball.

What am I Grateful for today?

  1. Metro Transit
  2. My Fur Ball, Mischief
  3. My  Roommate (she picked up my paycheck)
  4. My clients
  5. choice
  6. The rain
  7. Water
  8. My family
  9. Missed connections
  10. Faith

Faith is a beautiful thing.  Have Faith, Trust, and Believe it will happen, and it will happen.  It may take some time, it may take longer than you anticipated, but it’ll still come around.  Always be careful of what you put out into the Universe, you may get back just what you asked for, and it may not be what you were expecting, or it may be EXACTLY what you were looking for, and you didn’t know it.


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