Busy Wonderfuls, Resting Gratefuls, and Tarot of the day: The Faerie of Youth and The Challenge: 06/04/2015

How was everybody’s Thursday?  Was it Wonderful?  What made it Wonderful?  What are you grateful for today?  Did you have the day off?  Are you waiting for the day there isn’t any school?

My wonderful was my nephew.  We had lunch together, took a walk, and after his nap, we had had a snack.  He’s such a handsome little boy, full of mischief he is, and very polite.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. Car2go (there was one right by the lake)
  2. Metro Transit (the driver waited for me, even though he didn’t have to)
  3. The Construction crew (they didn’t start work as early as they did yesterday)
  4. Furry Cuddles
  5. My Nephew
  6. Nap time (not just his, but mine)
  7. Waze navigation
  8. My roommate (met me at the co-op today)
  9. Candy crush (a welcome distraction)
  10. Reiki

Sometimes I think I should do it all in one journal entry, but most of the time it’s nice to see how the day turned out from what i thought it may have been in the beginning.

wpid-20150507_101923.jpg32 Faerie of Youth
Heart of Faerie
by Brian & Wendy Froud

Enthusiasm, Limitless Ability, Positive Expectation;

When you look at the situation with a sense of wonder and put aside our preconceived ideas about limitations, you find that you could do far more than we thought we could. This applies to everyone. Approach things with youthful enthusiasm and a child’s assumption of limitless ability, and you may find that you too can do things you never imagined possible. Why limit yourself?

>When I’m with my nephew, whether we’re walking around North Minneapolis, sitting down to eat, or playing, it’s really fun to wander around and play with him.  It’s easy to let go of the worries of adulthood and let that inner child out to play.  It’s quite fun actually.  I’m sure the faeries enjoy it too!

wpid-20150510_105351.jpg56 The Challenge
Heart of Faerie
by Brian & Wendy Froud

Self Criticism, Obstruction, Go For It

This Faerie stands before you as you set off on your journey. She bars the way and demands an answer to her challenge. She asks you to be brave. She may try to dissuade you from your task by whispering undermining thoughts in your ear. She is testing you. Don’t give in. Stand up to her, and she will gladly step aside and let you pass.

If this faerie appears in your reading, ask yourself this question: Are you up to the challenge of a new venture or are you too self critical to attempt it? The Challenge asks you to step up to the mark and do whatever is being asked of you. Don’t let self criticism get in the way. It’s important to look at yourself, your motives, and your goals in a realistic way, but don’t be tempted to listen to the voice that tells you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, or talented enough to attempt the task in front of you. If you are thinking about beginning a new relationship or venture, but the voice in your head keeps whispering that you’re just not good enough to even consider it, remember that this is a challenge. You are being tested, so go for it, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve.

> The challenge touches on so many things today.  From paying the bills, to doing “healthy” shopping, to making the right choices.  I’ve been thinking about starting eating a more healthy diet, as well as drinking more water, and being a bit more responsible in my choices.

  1. My roommate really enjoys eating out a lot, yet she also has money issues. To tonight when she said how about eating out?  I said no.
  2. Tonight I went to the co-op and bought ingredients to make some Refrigerator Oatmeal. Which is something I’ve made before, and provides a bit more nutritious meal than a pb sandwich.
  3. I’ve drank 3 16.9 oz water bottles and a 24 oz glass of water today.  I still have a bit more to go.
  4. I’ve updated some payment information.

>> I’ve accomplished a fair bit today.

Today’s affirmation was I am Beautiful, Balanced, and Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul.

Today’s meditation was giving up some fear.

I hope everybody’s day went grand!  I will journal with you tomorrow.


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