Providing Wonderful Moments and Friendly Gratefuls: 06/05/2015

How was everybody’s Day?  Did you enjoy it?  What went RIGHT (not the W word)?  Was it Great?  What made it Great?  Was it wonderful?  Did something stand out, and say hello?

My wonderful moment would be my nephew.  Providing him a wonderful moment, by stopping on a walk and letting him watch the “dump” truck work.  Which in turn earned him a HONK.  How awesome is it to provide a wonderful moment not only in a Child’s Life, but in another individual that works and enjoys seeing kids love his work.  It is an awesome wonderful feeling.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My clients (for being understanding)
  2. My roommate (for setting up my massage table)
  3. My friend (we went out and had gelato and then to Whole Foods)
  4. My Nephew (for being the beautiful soul he is)
  5. Briar (for being the mostly behaved doggy today)
  6. Whole Foods (for having some affordable cherries.  I have plans for them, if I don’t eat all of them first)
  7. A very good night’s sleep
  8. The welcome messages in little and big ways
  9. Veriditas Botanicals Essential Oils (i got an bug bite be gone roll on by them, and it’s helped so much)
  10. My local Healthy stores.

Veriditas Botanicals has some VERY GOOD essential oils, they are not an MLM (no offense to MLM companies and representatives).  If you’d like to try them, you can order online. I really enjoy their product.


One thought on “Providing Wonderful Moments and Friendly Gratefuls: 06/05/2015

  1. Mon says:

    Ha, it’s good to take in account of the good things 🙂

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