Tarot of the Day: The Pook, Lys of the Shadows, and Epona’s Wild Daughter: 06/08/2015

How has Everybody’s Monday gone so far?  Have you had a grand day, or did you have trouble departing from the bed this morning?  Remember OH NO, last week?  Take it in stride, look for the humor in the day.

This morning I did a guided Meditation by Dick Sutphen.  Where I revised the DG stuff, and asked about some other things going on.

This Morning’s Affirmations were:

  • I am a Divine Child
  • I am Speaking my Truth
  • I am Loved and Cherished
  • I am released all fear, sorrow, guilt, and shame over Money
  • and from Louis Hay: I respect my boundaries, and insist that others respect them too!

The last one has already come about today.

The bonds of friendship never truly disappear, no matter the sundering, or the break.  There is always a thought occasionally in that direction of the friend that was there.  So in the bonds of friendship, remember those that have chosen to leave, Remember those that have past, and Remember that you were their friend at one point in time.  Forgive not only yourself, but them as well.

wpid-20150421_130645.jpg60 The Pook
Faeries’ Oracle Deck
By Brian Froud

Shape Changer. Good in bad, bad in good. Paradox. Resolution;

It is time for the resolution of seeming contradictions and paradoxes in the situation. Some one or some part of the situation is cloaked in confusion, and your muddled thoughts must be stripped away, revealing truth. We just need to think about it, the information we needed to know is now available to us. And as soon as we have that burst of insight and GET IT, it’s time for us to make changes based on our newly clear understanding. It also may be time for a reality check. Make a list of the “good” (possibly surprising things) about the situation, and another list about the “bad” ones.

wpid-20150608_114852.jpg44 Lys of the Shadows
Faeries’ Oracle Deck
By Brian Fround

Healing the shadows, addictions, bondage, self-esteem;

Her presence in a reading indicates that something that had seemed lost and fixed in that loss is now open to healing. Some one is ready to begin, with help, the climb out of the inner mire. There is hope here, and a need for loving kindness tempered by practicality.

wpid-20150608_114903.jpg54 Epona’s Wild Daughter
Faeries’ Oracle Deck
By Brian Froud

Inner shadows, nightmare, depression, madness, growth;

In the bleakest part of the night, Dorcha comes, wearing her crown of faerie stars. She kneels on an ancient owl, bearer of the hidden wisdom of the night, and, facing into the past with a clear, unflinching gaze, she holds us. We are held immobile, inwardly focused, by her comforting yet implacable light-filled hands. She asks riddles that often seem impossible to answer at first – and yet she will not let us go until we find the solutions within ourselves. She is one of the great teachers of Faerie, but her method of teaching makes Socrates’ questions look like child’s play. We must expect this of Dorcha because her lessons are about the shadow side of ourselves – the things we fear, our insecurities, self doubts and denials. She is a practitioner of “tough love: therapy”.

> I look at these cards today, I think of things that have already happened this morning, and again back to the meditation from this morning.  There are things I’m working through.  There are boundaries I have, and sometimes I stick to them, and sometimes I wander.  There are things I’ll be working on this week.


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