Wonderful Moments and Grateful Photographic Moments: 06/09/2015

How was everybody’s day?  Was it Great?  Was it Grand?  Was it wonderful?  What made it so?  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

My wonderful moment was coming home from Chaska, MN, and looking up and seeing not one, but a two rainbows.  A good omen.  Which also included some awesome opportunities for some good Photographs.  Yes you can take some awesome shots with your cellphone, depending on the age and model of the phone.


What am I grateful for?

  1. Shakopee Trading Post (for staying open longer than the hours available, so I could pick up some Smudging Supplies)
  2. My roommate (for tolerating me and my frequent stops for “Oooo, look at that!”)
  3. My furry cats (good for cuddles anytime)
  4. My clients (awesome clients, awesome, awesome, awesome)
  5. Blinds (I closed all the blinds today, and most of the windows to keep the apartment cool on our first “kissing 90 degree day)
  6. Music (because cleaning in silence can be dangerous)
  7. The natural Spring (there’s a natural fresh water spring in Eden Prairie, where we go to get our drinking water [fresh cold water from the ground])
  8. Another Day on the Earth, (it was wonderful)
  9. Cupcakes (a do barters, and I don’t really like people avoiding care, because they can’t afford it, so I offer to trade or barter when needed)
  10. the Faeries (because where would the fun be if we didn’t have them.)

wpid-img_20150609_215329.jpgSunset in Minneapolis, MN


Clouds coming in Shakopee, MN


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